You can now share your 360 videos on Jaunt VR (maybe)

Among 360 video platforms, there is a distinct divide between those that are based on curated content, and those based on user-generated content.  Platforms that are curated pride themselves on having higher quality videos made by larger studios or production teams.  On the other hand, those that have user-generated content, such as YouTube, are more accessible to consumers.

Jaunt VR had been firmly in the former category.  Its tagline is “Cinematic VR,” and it includes videos produced with its 24-lens Jaunt camera

However, Jaunt is now trying to create a bridge between these two types of platforms.  Following the lead of Samsung VR and Littlstar, which have opened their platforms to user-generated content, Jaunt will now also allow users to submit their own videos from their 360 cameras. 

However, it’s not exactly a wide open invitation.  Jaunt is targeting the “wider community of professional VR content creators” (emphasis added).  And unlike Samsung VR and LittlStar, the videos will still be curated.    You can submit your video to Jaunt Publishing here.

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