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Z Cam is joining Google’s VR180 program; here is their camera

Z Cam is the latest company to join Google’s recently announced VR180 program.  Z Cam also showed their VR180 camera called 3D180.

Z Cam Founder and Chairman Jason Zhang had this to say: “Z CAM is very well positioned in the VR180 camera market. Our solution’s precise synchronization coupled with excellent calibration of the footage delivers amazing immersive experience to viewers. I am very excited that the VR180 era has finally come and we are very committed to entering this market.”

Z Cam CEO Kinson Loo added, “We are glad to be part of the program and expand our cooperation with Google. VR180 will open up a lot of interesting content opportunities and Z CAM’s excellent image quality and ease of use will accelerate market growth. Seeing is believing!”

No other details were available such as price or specifications.

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  • Won’t the adjacent fisheye lens appear in the field of view of the other lens? Narrowing the field of view to less than 180 degrees seems to be the only way around this