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Z Cam K2 Pro with 6K 60fps VR180 video; iZugar MKX200 fisheye lens (updated April 10, 2019)

Z Cam K2 Pro VR180 camera
Z Cam K2 Pro VR180 camera

Z Cam has just launched the new K2 Pro, a VR180 camera with 6K 60fps resolution. Check out this video by my buddy Hugh Hou:

Key Features:
6K 60fps video
10-bit color
two Micro Four Thirds sensors with 15-stop dynamic range in WDR Mode
Records to 2.5-inch SSD
Built-in 5G Wi-Fi, HDMI and Ethernet
Price has not yet been announced

Correction: I previously posted a video by KC Lai tagged “K2 Pro” which I thought was from K2 Pro, but according to KC Lai, it is from his modified K1 Pro.   If you want to see that video here it is, but it is NOT from K2 Pro.

iZugar also launched their MKX200 fisheye lens for Micro Four Thirds, which features very low distortion and no chromatic aberration.

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  • I spoke to the rep at NAB 2 days ago, he said it will likely be around $6,000. Looking forward to it. Apparently it has 2 Panasonic GH5S micro 4/3 sensors in it. Should be awesome!

    • $6000 wow. It is made of two E2 cameras that are each $2000, so I thought it would cost maybe $4000 or $5000 at most. Anyway, looking forward to it!

      • Actually, I thought it would be the same price as the K1. So how much is the K3 going to cost… $12,000.00 ??? :-O

      • It’s not.
        2880p is 5K
        2160p is 4K

        VR videos are a wider aspect ratio than standard videos, so trying to name them after the width is incredibly dishonest. For example, a 360° 3D SBS video has an aspect ratio of 4:1. A 960p video in that format is laughably worse than “4K” even if it is the same width as a 16:9 4K video.

        • What we are talking about here is 2880×2880 per sensor, which is 4K per sensor for a total of 6K…

          But wait ! Isn’t that exactly the same resolution as what Yi (Horizon), Human Eyes (Vuze XR) and Insta360 (Evo) are calling 5.7K ???

          So what we will be getting here is mainly an improvement in IQ due to the larger sensors and better quality lenses… at about fifteen times the cost.

          There’s gotta be a better more reasonably priced prosumer 3D 180 camera coming up. Look at the Ricoh Z1… It’s got larger sensors, better lenses and yet a one thousand dollar price tag. A 3D 180 version of the Ricoh Z1 should not cost any more.

          • that’s somewhat true, but the problem is the tiny market. With smaller production size the price will definitely be higher than the Z1, unless it somehow becomes more popular than the 360 version

          • I don’t see that reflected in the price of other 3D 180 cameras. For example, the Evo is no more expensive than the One X and it actually might have been cheaper if they had not incorporated a folding design that complicated production complexity somewhat. And the price for the Horizon was announced as no higher than the 360 VR.

            As for the 3D 180 market being small, I don’t think that’s so true anymore with the K2 becoming the seventh 3D 180 camera to come on the market and interest in 3D 180 growing steadfastly.

    • Looks to be about the same as that of the K1. As I recall, Hugh Hou had said that the interexial on the K1 was slightly less than that of the Mirage.

      In the clip on the K2, they mention a “normal” interaxial when comparing to using two E2’s side by side. But compared to the K1, they look pretty much the same.. Nonetheless, I’d be very curious to get an exact measurement both of the K1 and K2 as well as the other 3D 180 cameras. I seem to recall reading that the EVO’s interaxial was closer to 70mm. But that would have to be verified.

  • Am I being a bit harsh but it doesn’t seem to be a massive upgrade from the K1? Will the image quality be much better? Same 6k resolution I think. Definitely looks to be a bit more user-friendly with the battery, etc. Hopefully they will reduce the price of the K1!

    • > Am I being a bit harsh but it doesn’t seem to be a massive upgrade from the K1?

      Doesn’t look like it apart from the lenses being somewhat better.

      >Will the image quality be much better?

      It may be better at the edges but overall, not that much.

      > Same 6k resolution I think.

      Looks like it.

      > Definitely looks to be a bit more user-friendly with the battery, etc.

      But overall much bulkier ! (and I thought the K1 was bulky)

      > Hopefully they will reduce the price of the K1!

      Not likely. At $6000., the K2 makes the K1’s price look like a bargain !

    • For what it’s worth, a representative from Zcam posted this on FB:

      “The new K2pro is shooting 10bit color, 6K@60 in H265, with a much better sensor as in the E2, as well as using our new premium fisheye lenses. The image quality will have major improvement over the previous K1pro”

      Now 6K at 60fps is definitely a big improvement… if you need it. He’s also pointing to the fact that the K2 is essentially a stereo version of the E2, but it’s not clear if it allows one to use various focal length lenses. On the K1, attempting to change the lenses voids the warranty ! :-O

      • Thanks for the great info, Francois. I don’t suppose you’ve seen many DIY set-ups? I’m considering building a system with E1 cameras. I know there’s the iZugar Z2XL180 but curious if you’ve seen anyone building one themselves? Thanks

        • I actually have seen several 3D 180 set-ups over the years since 3D 180 started several years before there were any integrated 3D 180 cameras. So I’ve seen set-ups using GoPro’s, Zcam E1’s, Sony Alpha’s, Sony RX0’s and Canon M3’s.

          But keep in mind I have never tested any of these so can’t say how good these rigs are or how difficult they are to sync and edit.

          As I recall, there was a guy selling a Zcam E1 rig that he showed on the VR180 group on FB.

          • Cheers. I found the guy selling the Zcam E1 rig – waiting to hear if it’s still for sale. Alternatively, I’m also tempted to buy a couple of E1 cameras but struggling to find any info on a sync cable. Have you seen anything?

          • Ignore last comment, Francois. I’ve ordered the Insta360 EVO to learn my trade before I jump further into it. I know the quality will be so-so, but it’s usability with the Oculus Go sounds incredible.

          • > I’m also tempted to buy a couple of E1 cameras but struggling to find any info on a sync cable. Have you seen anything?

            Synching cameras for stills or video is not a simple matter unless the cameras were designed for synching. And then the sync may not be perfect. From the looks of it, people have been twinning E1’s successfully, but I haven’t looked into it close enough to help you out. You would need to talk to someone who’s done it already.

            > I’ve ordered the Insta360 EVO to learn my trade

            If you have no experience shooting with multiple cameras and don’t want to get into all the technical challenges, then you are best off getting an integrated 3D camera. The EVO has got some good reviews but it’s a frustratingly simple design. And the 360 mode is a compromise. They should have just made it 3D 180 and put a display on the back and left the 360 for the One X. Anyway, I am still waiting for the 3D 180 camera that is right for me. It hasn’t come up yet ! 🙁

  • Anyone heard any rumors or have a remote estimated idea of when this beast could possibly be released. I’m two hairs away from buying a K1 Pro but seeing this demo unit has seriously left me wondering if I should just wait for this monster. If i get the K1 Pro I know i will probably regret not waiting for the K2 but I just dont even know what kind of a wait time we could possibly expect from this company from the point where they show off a new product and the release date? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.