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Z Cam S1 Pro now captures 6K 3D 360 video!

Z Cam’s S1 Pro can now capture 3D 360 video in 6K resolution!

Z Cam S1 Pro is a professional 6K 360 camera with four Micro Four Thirds sensors for exceptional image quality.  Here is an impressive low light sample:

Now Z Cam has added stereoscopic capture capability to the S1 Pro!  With this update, the S1 Pro can now capture 6K in 3D 360 (6144 x 6144) with optical flow stitching when using Z Cam’s WonderStitch software.  Here is a framegrab from a test by Dean Zwikel:

Z Cam S1 Pro test
Z Cam S1 Pro test

Z Cam S1 Pro is available for around $8,880, direct from Z Cam. It is also available for rent from Radiant Images.  Meanwhile, you might also be interested in the Insta360 Pro ($3,499; reviewed here), which can also shoot in 6K 3D 360 or 8K in 2D, or the Kandao Obsidian S ($6,999), which shoots 6K 3D 360 at 50fps, or Obsidian R ($6,999), which captures 8K 3D 360.  However, these other cameras use 1/2.3-inch sensors, whereas the S1 Pro has much larger Micro Four Thirds sensors, which should yield better signal-to-noise ratio, better bit depth, and better dynamic range.