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Z Cam S1 unboxing and first impressions

The Z Cam S1 is a professional 360 camera with up to 6k resolution.  They concluded their crowdfunding campaign in November with delivery promised for December.  Z Cam fulfilled that promise, shipping units to users around the world in December.
Here is an unboxing and first impression by Kevin Kunze!

Kevin has been using 360 cameras for a while.  His previous camera was a Kodak SP360 4k Dual Pro.  

In the latter part of the video (around 6:00), he shows the difference between the SP360 4k Dual Pro and the Z Cam S1.  Even though the SP360 4k has the best video quality I’ve seen in a consumer camera, and even though the videos are both nominally 4k, there is a huge difference between the S1 and the SP360.

If you’re interested in the Z Cam S1, you should also check out the Insta360 Pro with 8k resolution, which will be revealed at CES.  Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss this!