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Z Cam S1 vs. Z Cam S1 Pro: low light comparison

Z Cam’s Kinson Loo showed comparison videos between the Z Cam S1 and the Z Cam S1 Pro!

The Z Cam S1 is a professional 360 camera with 6K resolution with amazing image quality.  I’ve posted several impressive examples.

Z Cam followed up with the new S1 Pro, which has a similar body but instead uses larger Micro Four Thirds lenses paired with iZugar lenses.  It hasn’t been launched officially yet, but I recently posted an S1 Pro sample here.

To show the difference in image quality between the two cameras, Z Cam’s Kinson Loo posted 360 videos from the two cameras at the same location, in similar lighting conditions.

Here is the sample from the S1:

Here is the sample from the S1 Pro:

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments below!  The Z Cam S1 is $2,499 and the optional WonderStich software is $1,499.  I don’t know yet the S1 Pro’s price or availability.

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