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Z Cam shows new V1 Pro camera

Z Cam V1 Pro camera
Z Cam V1 Pro camera

Z Cam, makers of 360 cameras such as the S1 and S1 Pro, showed their new V1 Pro camera with 9 lenses.

Eight of the lenses are coplanar and arranged radially.  One of the lenses is above the camera.  When not in use, the top lens is covered by a lens cap that also functions as a handle.

Here is a link to a sample video from the V1 Pro in 7k.

Z Cam hasn’t said if the V1 Pro is capable of 3D 360 capture, and has not yet provided specifications.  The lenses look like they have a 4.4mm focal length, different from the 3.25mm focal length of the iZugar MKX22 lenses used in the S1 Pro.