Zmer Live is a 360 camera accessory for Android phones

Zmer Live is a fully spherical 360 camera for Android phones.

There’s not much information about it yet.  What we know about it so far:
– Two lenses, fully spherical
– Realtime stitching
– Weight:around 60g
– Size:75mm x 35mm x 32mm

what it looks like from the back

I’m only speculating about the following:
– The apparent absence of any external buttons and the small size (which implies no internal battery) suggests that it is a camera accessory that must be attached to a phone and can’t be operated independently, similar to the Insta360 Air.
– Given the small size and absence of a battery, I am supposing it will be aggressively priced — again, just like the Insta360 Air.
– The name implies that it might have live streaming capability.  This would make sense given the realtime stitching capability, but I’m only guessing about this.

Thanks to Flavius Milhaes for bringing this to my attention!