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How to add a 360 photo to a Facebook comment – two easy ways to do it!

How to post a 360 photo in Facebook comments
How to post a 360 photo in Facebook comments

If you want to post a 360 photo in a Facebook comment but instead, your photo was pasted as a warped equirectangular image, then this post is for you.  Yes, you can post a comment that has a fully interactive 360 photo in it!  In fact, there are two ways to do it, and don’t worry, they’re both very easy.

Option 1: post a 360 photo with Chrome mobile browser

My friend and tech vlogger Pepe Vazquez found one of the ways to embed a 360 photo in the comment.   Use Chrome mobile browser on your smartphone and go to Facebook.com.  (Strangely, it doesn’t work on the desktop Chrome browser.) Post a comment and as part of your comment, upload a 360 photo (with the correct 360 metadata).   The photo will be recognized as 360.  Here is a tutorial by vlogger Pepe Vazquez showing how to do it:

BTW, Pepe is very passionate about 360 cameras, so you please check out his YouTube channel, which has many tips for 360 cameras!

Option 2: post a link to a previous post with a 360 photo

360 photo in a Facebook comment reply
360 photo in a Facebook comment reply

The other way to insert a 360 photo is if the 360 photo has already been posted somewhere such as your timeline.  In that case, you can add a link to the original post in the comment, and the comment will show the 360 photo from the original post.  Here are the steps:

Step 1: Post a 360 photo to your timeline or find a timeline post that already has a 360 photo.

Step 2: Near the top of the post, it will say when it was posted, such as “Just now” or “September 1 at 9:00 am”.  Right click on that date or time and click on “Copy link address.”

Step 3: In the comment where you want the 360 photo to appear, paste the address you copied.

The 360 photo from the post in Step 1 will now appear in the comment.

Summary: Two Ways to Post 360 Photos in Facebook Comments

In summary, there are two ways to post 360 photos in Facebook comments – you can either (i) use your smartphone’s mobile Chrome browser on Facebook.com, or (ii) paste a link to a previous 360 photo from your timeline.  The 360 photo will then appear as an interactive 360 photo in the comment.

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