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Black Friday 2020 deals for Kandao Qoocam 360 cameras (UPDATED)

Black Friday 2020 deals for Qoocam 360 cameras
Black Friday 2020 deals for Qoocam 360 cameras

Kandao has announced some of its Black Friday 2020 deals for both its professional and consumer 360 cameras.

Black Friday 2020 discounts for Qoocam 360 camera
Black Friday 2020 discounts for Qoocam 360 camera

Deal #1: Unspecified “special discount” for Kandao Obsidian S, a high framerate professional 360 camera that can shoot 4K 3D 360 video at up to 120 fps, or 60fps at 6K 3D 360.

Deal #2: Qoocam 8K kit – $40 off direct from Kandao (but see deal#5 here).  Qoocam 8K is the first and only 8K consumer 360 camera.  What has impressed me about its video quality is its bit depth and dynamic range.  Its videos appear noticeably richer than videos from Insta360 One R or GoPro MAX.  (I’m working on a comparison review.)  Here are several improvements since its launch.

Deal #3: Qoocam Fun – “50% discount for Fun care for Webcam kit.”  Qoocam Fun is an affordable 4K 360 camera for Android phones.  I’ve been testing it the past couple of weeks and have been impressed by its photo and video quality, which are much better than I expected for a low-cost camera.  For Black Friday, it appears there will be a 50% discount on the Qoocam Fun Care product replacement plan.  There’s also a mention of a Webcam kit although it isn’t on their site yet, but it might be a flexible USB cable that can support the Qoocam Fun.

Deal #4: free selfie stick for Qoocam 4K hybrid VR180 and 360 camera.   The original Qoocam is both a 360 camera and VR180 camera.  It is also the 360 camera with the longest recording time (I was able to record 3 hours 26 minutes on a single charge).

Deal #5: unspecified discounts on Amazon for the three Qoocam cameras, from November 27 to November 30 (UTC+8, which is 16 hours ahead of PST in California).  Check prices here, approximately November 26 8:01am PST:
Qoocam 8K (regularly $599)
Qoocam Fun (regularly $169 + shipping)
Qoocam VR180 + 360 camera (regularly $299)

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