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Why I can’t tell you about some discounts and what we can do about it

Gearbest Bumper Harvest Sale
Gearbest Bumper Harvest Sale

This post is only if you want discounts.  Otherwise please ignore it.   Anyway, right now there are some discounts available for several products including a certain popular 360 camera, but I’m being prevented from telling you about them by some manufacturers.  In this post, I explain why that’s happening, and what we can do about it.

Distribution channels

Manufacturers usually don’t want to sell their products to you directly.  They would rather focus on designing and producing products, be they 360 cameras or accessories or whatever.   It is not easy for them to sell to individual buyers because that would require them to develop a marketing department, sales department, after-sales support etc.  Instead, to sell their products, they depend on distributors such as Amazon or Gearbest to whom they can sell in volume.  This means manufacturers must keep their distributors happy.  If one distributor wants to offer a discount, it forces the other distributors to match their price to avoid losing their sale.  To avoid a price war, many manufacturers have a minimum advertised price policy.

In our case, GearBest wants to sell cameras and accessories to you at a lower price but some manufacturers and/or distributors object to that.  That’s why I’ve created group buys in the past.  Sometimes, however, these get noticed too and even these get shut down by manufacturers.


The solution is to create a private mailing list.   That way, whenever there’s a discount, I can send it to the mailing list without annoying manufacturers or other distributors.

I’m annoyed by spam and I’m sure you are too, especially when they’re unsolicited, or if your email address is sold to third parties or if you can’t unsubscribe.  I am making sure that this mailing list won’t become spam.
– It is totally opt-in, and only for anyone who is interested in being notified of lower prices.  I’m NOT going to automatically add your name whether or not you’ve contacted me before, even if it was to ask for a discount code.
– I will send a maximum of only one email like this per week.
– I won’t sell or disclose your email to anyone.
– I tested unsubscribing and it works.  It’s easy to unsubscribe.

I’m making two lists: one is only for 360 cameras and 360 camera accessories.   The other list is for all Gearbest discounts (including 360 cameras and accessories).  If you sign up for the second list, it will include all deals for the first list.  If you’re interested in deals, please sign up only for either one list — don’t sign up for both.

List #1: To be notified of discounts for 360 cameras and accessories, join this list.

List #2: To be notified of all Gearbest discounts (including 360 cameras and accessories), such as drones, non-360 cameras, electronics, join this list.  This list already includes all discounts for List #1.  Do not join both.

I’m not a pro at managing mailing lists yet, so if you have suggestions or feedback, please let me know.

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