DJI release on September 22, 2022 leaked

DJI product launch September 22, 2022
DJI product launch September 22, 2022

DJI posted a teaser for yet another new product to be released on September 22, 2022.

DJI has already released several products this year, including the RS3, RS3 Pro, Mini 3 Pro, Avata, Action 3, but it’s not done with product releases.  They posted a teaser for another product release on September 22, with the tag line “Unfold your creativity.”  The teaser photo included a symbol that is similar to the symbol used for 360 videos, leading to some speculation whether it would be a 360 camera.

However, the product launch has been leaked by and is reportedly their next smartphone gimbal, the OM6 and the OM6 SE.

As with the OM4 and OM5 series, the OM6 can be folded for portability, and like the OM5, the OM6 has a built-in selfie stick.  What’s new this year is a dial on the side which can presumably be used for customizable functions such as panning or tilting.

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