New cinewhoop teased: GepRC Cinelog 30 HD (update: review added)

GepRC Cinelog 30 HD
GepRC Cinelog 30 HD

There’s a new 3-inch cinewhoop coming: the GepRC Cinelog 30 HD.   Find out why this should be on your watchlist for a cinematic FPV drone!

GepRC teased a new cinewhoop, the Cinelog 30 HD.  They posted about it on their Instagram page here:

If you are into cinematic FPV (as opposed to freestyle or racing for example), then this quad should be on your radar.  Most of my quads are cinewhoops, and among them, the one I like best for indoor flying is the Cinelog 25.  It flies much more smoothly and predictably than my other cinewhoops.  Here’s a sample I shot on Cinelog 25 with Insta30 Go 2:

Although the Cinelog 25 is great for indoor flying, I wish it had more power to comfortably carry a full GoPro Hero (as opposed to a naked GoPro).  I have a Diatone Taycan, a 3-inch cinewhoop, but I wish it was more compact (and lighter).  I also have a BetaFPV Pavo30, which I like for being a very light and compact 3-inch cinewhoop, but its tuning is not as good as I would like.

The Cinelog 30 looks like it is a 3-inch cinewhoop with a pusher design with lightweight props instead of ducts, similar to the Pavo30.  With the pusher design, they were able to make it very compact — the props are as close as they could possibly be (again similar to the Pavo30).  It appears that the digital version will use the new low-light Polar camera.  I assume there will be an analog version as well. The Cinelog 30 will also feature a pre-installed cable for a naked GoPro.

From the photo, it seems that the motor is also similar in size to that of the Pavo30, which is a 1506 3000kv.  I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t use 2004 motors, but I’m sure they made that choice with careful consideration, so I’m optimistic that it will have enough power to carry a full GoPro.

UPDATE: here is a review by Albert Kim.  I asked him what he thought about how it compares to the Pavo30.  He said, “Pavo with 1506 has more power than this with 1404. So if you want to carry a full GoPro or do freestyle tricks, that one will be better. However, as a pure cinewhoop for a naked GoPro, the CineLog30 is superior. 2004 motors on an ultralight would be overkill and if you’re not gonna use the power, it’s better to go with a smaller and lighter motor.”

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What do you think of the Cinelog 30?  Does it look interesting to you?  Let me know in the comments!

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