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New Insta360 camera on April 16, 2024 teases “8K Era is here”! What you need to know

Insta360 is launching a new camera on April 16, 2024 with the tagline, “The 8K Era is Here!”  I’ve been beta testing it and here’s what you need to know.  Here’s the teaser trailer and an analysis.


In the last few weeks, I’ve been beta testing Insta360’s new product under NDA (a confidentiality / nondisclosure agreement).  I can’t reveal much but I can say that in my opinion, it’s their most important product release ever.  You definitely wouldn’t want to miss this!

Is this new camera for consumers or just for professionals?  Because of its features and specifications, I think it can appeal to both.  How much will it cost?  Will it be affordable?  We’ve seen the rise in prices for many things in the past couple of years but with this one, in my opinion, Insta360 has been able to keep the price reasonable.

The new camera is launching on April 16, 2024, 9am ET / 6am ET.   Insta360 also has a booth at NAB Show 2024 and I believe it will be shown there.  There will also be a special launch event at B&H Photo in New York at 10am ET.  (Did I mention this launch is a big deal?)  Check back for my unbiased review.  What features would you be most interested in?  Let me know in the comments!

BTW you can get a chance to win if you comment on Insta360’s teaser video:

On April 16, the winner announcement will be PINNED by insta360 in their comments. BEWARE of by fake Insta360 accounts replying to your comment and asking you to call them.



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    • Hi Chris. For 360, the resolution is spread out over 360 degrees, so we want as high a resolution as possible so that the viewing resolution looks better. So no one has an 8k TV to watch 8k content, but for 360, even a 16k photo is well within the viewing capability of a standard 4k tv.

  • If it’s a new 8k 360 camera (the X4 perhaps), I’ll be kicking myself, as I recently purchased an X3 for a project that got shelved a week before shooting should have begun. ARGH!

      • Unfortunately not.

        They asked for a quote to do a video tour of a factory, some pieces to camera, stitch, edit and motion graphics. No one baulked at my quote, and I was led to believe it was all going ahead. I bought the X3 as they wanted video, and I’d heard too many bad reports about the unreliability of the RS 1″. Also, I have a GoPro Fusion, so at least I’d have a backup.

        The week before I was due to shoot, they cancelled, saying they didn’t have the budget. I asked what budget they had in mind, and they said £700! Seeing as the client was a big-name retailer, I wasn’t expecting them to lowball me quite so much. Lesson learned I guess. Get confirmation in writing before going out and buying gear!

  • Hi, Mic!

    I’ve been following your posts and videos for a while, but this is my first time posting here. Thank your for your awesome work, I really appreciate it! 😀

    A couple of weeks ago I almost bought a Kandao QooCam 3 travel combo for $270 (it was a display piece) to replace my Samsung Gear 360 (2016), but I’m still waiting for more news of the Kandao QooCam 3 Ultra, which I read should be released soon (Q2). I believe we can all expect your review of that one, too. 😉

    Now with the release of a new new Insta360 360° camera, it should be an exciting time for enthusiasts!

    I’m more interested in 360° photos, so image resolution (or “detail”), dynamic range, noise, exposure controls, etc. are some of the aspects I’m more interested in, but simple and fast workflow are other aspects I’m also looking for. OTOH, being able to programmatically controle the camera (e.g., trigger the shutter with different remotes, stream video to a PC or other devices, etc.) could enable new interesting applications as well.

    Thanks again, and I’m eagerly awaiting more news soon!

    • Hi Ricardo,

      I’m also more intested in 360º photos, but it seems that the aperture and maximum resolution of the X4 is exactly the same as the X3. So we need to wait and see… 🙂

      The design is slightly improved for the lenses and the tripod mount though.

  • It is obviously a 360 camera. There are plenty of shots in the teaser video where you can tell the people in each shot are holding the camera on an invisible selfie stick.

  • 8K Video with big sensor
    Easy stitching Workflow on PC
    removable battery
    good stitching line
    RAW for photos

    • 1.Overheat is a big issue for me. So, hope the new insta 360 will overcome this.
      2.Would be nice if they give cloud storage & wifi capabilities .Doesn’t make sense to waste several hundred GB storage then just pick some video clips as the final result.
      3. Possibility to receive firmware update
      4. Of course : 8k record , 1 inch sensor , reliable lens protector , waterproof, easier software post production . Smaller size..and detachable 360 camera (like go3) actually a good idea , err ….too much ? 😄

  • Thanks for the heads up Mic – been enjoying my Qoocam 3 – some great software and firmware updates over the last few months for it. Always nice to have more competition!

  • Hi Mic, are we moving towards the X4, finally? And before Kandao he wasted time with the Qoocam 3 Ultra …
    By the way, you look younger to me! Compliments!

  • I am still waiting a new Insta360 EVO but I bet this will not be the case. I think it will be just a new 360, and we can call it X4.
    CANON where are you ????!!!

  • Hi Mic
    I’m an avid traveler and absolutely love my X3. I’m in Guadalajara Mexico going to a museum and shooting with it today. Last week I was four wheeling in the cinder ashes of a volcano in Flagstaff Arizona. It’s hard to believe we could get much better than the X3 but, this new camera sounds amazing and I would love the opportunity to be able to shoot with it on my adventures.

  • Given that I consider that you have influence at Insta360 due to your experience, what do you think about the feasibility of a 360 cam for drone, like the Insta360 sphere, but with several brackets? The original Insta360 sphere was built only for the DJI Air2 and Air2s, but in the meantime we have several new drones. If I would be insta360, I would build kits where the bracket is just a passive part to fix the two halves. This would allow manufacturing several brackets for many drone models, and the possibility to purchase a mix’n’match of camera modules + the fitting bracket. I’m owning the Mavic 3 and still waiting for a 360 solution for it…and I’m sure there are many who would shoot 360 videos with other drones than the Air2x

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