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Insta360 Black Friday sale on Insta360 One X and other cameras (up to 40% off)! Which one to buy?

Insta360 Black Friday sale 2019
Insta360 Black Friday sale 2019

Insta360’s Black Friday sale is here, with discounts of up to 40%!
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Insta360 One X (reviewed here), on sale for 15% off with free battery AND free invisible selfie stick! ($339, regularly $399)!  Insta360 One X is the most popular 360 camera at the moment, because of its excellent image quality, amazing stabilization, and ease of use.

Insta30 One X Real Estate kit, on sale for 15% off with free battery ($395, regularly $469)!  Includes invisible selfie stick, all purpose tripod, and 32GB Micro SD card.  If you want to use the One X to shoot real estate virtual tours, this kit is for you.


Insta360 EVO (reviewed here), on sale for 15% off ($359, regularly $419)!  Includes mini-tripod and VR viewer for your phone.  Insta360 Evo is a hybrid 360 camera that converts to a VR180 camera so you can create your own VR videos.  It has the same great image quality and stabilization as the Insta360 One X, and offers almost all of the One X features.


Insta360 One (reviewed here), on sale for 43% off ($169, regularly $299)!  The camera that put Insta360 on the map, and now the most affordable stabilized 4K 360 camera.  Be sure to select iOS or Android, and check for compatibility.

Insta360 One Creator kit, on sale for 43% off ($197, regularly $347)!  Includes invisible selfie stick, mini tripod, bullet time handle, 8GB Micro SD card.  Be sure to select iOS or Android, and check for compatibility.

Insta360 Nano S (reviewed here), on sale for 38% off ($149, regularly $239)!  The Nano S is a 4K 360 camera that can attach directly to your iPhone, making it easy to transfer files to your app for sharing and editing.  Only for iOS 6 and above.


Insta360 Go (reviewed here), on sale with free carrying case and accessories ($199).  Who has time to edit videos?  Insta360 Go is a tiny wearable camera, like Snapchat Spectacles, but with excellent stabilization, and automatic editing to make it easier to share your highlights to your social media.


Insta360 Pro 2 (reviewed here), on sale for $500 off ($4499, regularly $4999).  Insta360 Pro 2 captures 8K 3D 360 video, and is one of the few professional 360 cameras with built-in stabilization.

Insta360 Titan (reviewed here), on sale for $428 off ($14,999).  Insta360 Titan has eight Micro Four Thirds sensors, and captures up to 11K 360 video resolution, with even better image quality than cameras that cost up to $33,880.

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  • You can’t possibly go wrong with the One X (or most of the other Insta360 cameras, as well), but I would strongly recommend to people considering the EVO to at least look at the Vuze XR, which is $299 for Black Friday (at least on their site) and which is also available for $399 with a selfie stick, tripod, underwater case (!), and a 64GB micro SD card. I love my One X, but I’m not all that enamored with the EVO (it’s fine; I just think it’s a bit awkward), so I’d recommend either saving $60 (compared to the EVO) on the Vuze or spending $40 more for the Vuze with all the extras.

    • Thanks M Jensen! Sorry, but there is no Black Friday sale for Qoocam 8k. They do have black friday sale for the original qoocam and for obsidian cameras.

  • is it a good moment to buy an insta 360 one x when the qoocam 8k soon to be released may push insta 360 one x successor out ? can it be just before christmas ?

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