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Insta360 ONE X2 Review and Resource Page with Comparison, Samples and FAQ (updated December 19, 2020)

Insta360 One X2 review
Insta360 One X2 review

Insta360 One X2 is a new 360 camera that replaces the popular Insta360 One X.  I saw this camera in August 2019 when I visited Insta360’s offices and I’ve been beta testing it for the past couple of months.  Here’s an in-depth hands-on review and how it compares with the Insta360 One R (reviewed here).


Executive Summary
Features (updated Nov. 1, 2020)
Photo and video quality (updated Nov. 14, 2020)
Samples (including sample files for download – updated Nov. 9, 2020)
Tutorial (updated December 19, 2020)
Accessories (added Nov. 2, 2020)
FAQ (updated Nov. 8, 2020)
What about Insta360 One R?
How did they shoot the teaser trailer shots?


Here is a hands-on review of the Insta360 One X2.   In summary, the One X2 is one of the best 360 cameras at the moment.  However,


Insta360 One X2Insta360 One X
Lensestwo fisheye lensestwo fisheye lenses
Field of viewfully sphericalfully spherical
Processorunspecified Ambarellaunspecified Ambarella
Photo resolution6080 x 3040 in JPEG or DNG raw; 9-shot HDR in Raw+JPG6080 x 3040 in JPEG or DNG raw
Video resolution5760 x 2880, 30fps
3840 x 1920 @ 50fps
3840 x 1920 @ 30fps
3008 x 1504 @ 100fps
mp4 (log mode or vivid mode available)
5760 x 2880, 30fps
3840 x 1920 @ 50fps
3840 x 1920 @ 30fps
3008 x 1504 @ 100fps
mp4 (log mode available)
Bitrate100 mbps H.265 or H.264100 mbps H.264
Bullet time video3008 x 1504 @ 100fps
fully spherical
variable aspect ratio
3008 x 1504 @ 100fps
fully spherical
variable aspect ratio
Live streaming: Yes, stabilized, 360 and non-360. Facebook, YouTube and RTMPYes, stabilized.
Compatible with YouTube, Facebook, Periscope / Twitter, Weibo
Shutter speed:1/8000 to 120 seconds1/8000 to 120 seconds
ISO:100 to 3200100 to 3200
Stabilization:6-axis gyro-based image stabilization6-axis gyro-based image stabilization
Microphones4 microphones - spatial audiostereo
Connector:1/4-20 tripod connector (metal)1/4-20 tripod connector
LCD screenOLED touchscreenLCD screen
Storage:one Micro SD up to 1TBone Micro SD up to 128GB
Working humidity: TBDTBD
Temperature:-4°F to 104°F (-20℃ to 40℃)TBD
Waterproof:Yes, up to 10m,
IPX8 rated
No (TWO TYPES of waterproof housing accessories available)
Connectivity:5G WiFi; Bluetooth LE 4.0, USB Type C5G WiFi; Bluetooth LE 4.0, Micro USB
Compatibility:iOS, Android, Windows, MaciOS, Android, Windows, Mac
Dimensions:113 x 462 x 298 mm (1.82 x 4.45 x 1.17in)115 x 48 x 28 mm
Weight:149g (5.25oz)115g with battery
90.9 without battery
Battery:80 minutes60 mins.
Price at launch:$429$399

INSTA360 ONE X2 KEY FEATURES (updated November 1, 2020)

Insta360 One X2 has most of the features of the Insta360 One R (other than modularity), and adds several new features……………..

  1. NEW! Waterproof without a case: X2 is waterproof even without a case.  One R is also waterproof but requires the camera bracket to be waterproof.  Please note that although the X2 is waterproof, it will not stitch smoothly underwater due to refraction.  In the sample below, you can see my legs were cut off at the stitch line.  Moreover, the photos and videos become soft toward the edge of the lens.  For better sharpness and smooth stitching underwater, you’ll need the optional dive case.
    Insta360 One X2 is waterproof even without a case. However, to stitch a 360 photo smoothly underwater, you'll need the optional dive case.
    Insta360 One X2 is waterproof even without a case. However, to stitch a 360 photo smoothly underwater, you’ll need the optional dive case. Cropped photo edited on iPhone photo app.
  2. NEW! Longer battery life: X2 is rated for 80 minutes with its standard battery.  This is nearly double the battery life of the One R.
  3. NEW! OLED touchscreen with autorotation: the X2 has a bright OLED touchscreen that can rotate automatically depending on how you hold the camera.
  4. NEW! Steady Cam non-360 video mode with horizon lock: in this mode, the Insta360 One X2 can capture a non-360 video with stabilization, without the need for stitching.   Steady Cam can be used in portrait or landscape orientation In addition, you can switch to Pro stabilization mode which will enable you to change aspect ratios and even better stabilization, including 360 rotation stabilization.
    Steady Cam horizon lock can level a camera even if it is upside down
    Steady Cam horizon lock can level a camera even if it is upside down
  5. NEW! Multiview while recording 360 video:  While recording a 360 video, you can activate multiview to get a stabilized picture-in-picture view of yourself while also framing your video.
    Multiview in 360: see a stabilized view of yourself while shooting in 360
    Multiview in 360: see a stabilized view of yourself while shooting in 360
  6. NEW! Automatic 360 Video Timeshift (hyperlapse).  With previous Insta360 cameras, you could do a hyperlapse within the app.  With X2, there is an automatic 360 video hyperlapse mode where the camera will automatically apply a fast forward effect with motion blur.  Moreover, the camera will automatically adjust the speed faster or slower depending on the amount of movement in the scene.  When processing the app, you can change the speed effect according to your preference.
    Automatic timeshift: X2 can automatically adjust the speed depending on the camera movement. These speed settings can be changed in Insta360 Studio or the Insta360 mobile app
    Automatic timeshift: X2 can automatically adjust the speed depending on the camera movement. These speed settings can be changed in Insta360 Studio or the Insta360 mobile app
  7. NEW! Automatic Non-360 Timeshift (hyperlapse).  In addition to the 360 Timeshift mode, X2 also has a non-360 timeshift mode that can also adjust speed automatically.
  8. NEW! Spatial Audio: the One X2 has four microphones and can record spatial audio or use the microphones to reduce wind noise.  Note: the firmware for this hasn’t been released as of November 1, 2020.
  9. NEW! Instapano: panoramic photo mode, in standard mode, Pureshot (see below), or HDR mode.  This is similar to a cropped equirectangular photo.  The direction that the panorama faces can be adjusted afterward in the app.
  10. Airpods compatibility: One X2 can use airpods (and some Bluetooth headsets) as wireless microphones.
  11. External microphone adapter: One X2 has a special low-profile microphone adapter.  You’ll be able to plug in a lav mic or other external microphone.
  12. Pureshot.  This is an effect that can be used for 360 photos and non-360 photos to enhance shadow detail using AI.  Pureshot was first
  13. 9-shot HDR with Raw.  One X2 can take 360 and non-360 photos in HDR in both Raw and JPG, and both stitch and merge them in the app or in the desktop (note: Raw HDR photos can only be stitched in the desktop).
  14. HDR Video: One X2 has a special HDR video mode that uses two exposures for each frame of the video: a normal exposure and an underexposure for highlights.  This enables it to capture very high dynamic range.  HDR Video is stabilized as well.  However, Insta360 does not recommend HDR video for moving scenes because there can be unusual artifacts where the highlights don’t move in sync with the rest of the video.
  15. Night shot mode.  In this photo mode, the One X2 can take a burst of nine raw photos, eight of which are used for median stacking to reduce noise, plus one underexposed shot (-4EV) to capture highlights.
  16. Starlapse mode.  This is an effect that can capture a time lapse video of the night sky and animate the stars with star trails.
  17. Flowstate stabilization: class-leading 360 stabilization performance.
  18. Quick capture: when Quick Capture is activated, you can press the shutter while the camera is off and the camera will automatically wake up and start recording.  After recording, the camera will automatically shutdown.
  19. Bluetooth remote compatibility: the One X2 can use the optional Insta360 Bluetooth remote to enable you to control the One X2 from a distance without using your phone.
  20. Insta360 Stats: when shooting with your phone or the optional Bluetooth remote, you can record GPS data which can then be overlaid on playback, with data such as speed, elevation, etc.
  21. Voice command: the X2 can recognize voice commands such as Start Recording or Take a Photo.
  22. Deep track:  Insta360 One X2’s AI-assisted Deep Track can track subjects even when they change positions or if they go behind other objects.
  23. Auto framing: AI-assisted video editing automatically identifies subjects such as people, buildings, pets, or even vehicles, and creates virtual cameras to track each identified subject.
  24. Time lapse (360 or non-360): One X2 can capture a time lapse (intervals of 0.5 seconds to 120 seconds) in 360 mode or Steady Cam mode, and automatically turn it into a time lapse video, with stabilization.
  25. Intervalometer (360 or non-360): One X2 can capture a series of 360 or non-360 photos at intervals of 3 seconds to 120 seconds, with auto exposure, manual exposure, shutter priority, or ISO priority, in Raw+JPG.
  26. Starlapse: X2 can create a time lapse video with star trails, like this (this sample was shot with One R):
  27. Custom presets:  If you have particular settings that you use often, you can save it as a custom preset mode.
  28. 360 live streaming: One X2 can live stream in 360 to Facebook, Youtube, or RTMP servers.
  29. Non-360 live streaming: the One X2 can also live stream in non-360 view, with you controlling the view that your audience will see.  You can even live stream a tiny planet view.
  30. Bullet time:
  31. Histogram: When shooting with the Insta360 app, you can see a live histogram to help with exposure.
  32. Rule of thirds grid:  When shooting with the Insta360 app and shooting in Steady Cam mode, you can add a rule of thirds overlay to assist with composition.


Here is a tutorial for the Insta360 app, which is used for Insta360 One x2, Insta360 One R, and Insta360 One X:

Here are 15 tips and tricks for Insta360 One X2

Here is a tutorial for the One X2’s exclusive feature, the Flythrough Mode:


Video Quality

Here is a comparison of cropped images from unedited 360 videos from Insta360 One X2 and the Z Cam S1, a professional 6K 360 camera.  It is difficult to compare for dynamic range because I cannot preview the S1’s exposure without getting a wireless router for it, and in this case, the S1 chose a more conservative exposure and protected all highlights, while the X2 has muc hmore shadow detail.  Speaking of detail, in areas where they have more similar exposure, such as the roof, it appears that the X2 has about as much detail as the Z Cam S1, which is quite remarkable considering that the X2 is pocket-sized, costs about 1/5th as much as the S1 and has a far easier workflow, and is stabilized.

Z Cam S1 (left) vs Insta360 One X2 (right)
Z Cam S1 (left) vs Insta360 One X2 (right)

I also compared to the X2 to the One X and One R.  Between the three, the One X has the most flat appearance, which gives more flexibility for editing, but looks low-contrast.  The One R uses the new standard profile which has higher contrast.  One X2 can also use the same standard profile as the One R.  In addition, One X2 has a Vivid color profile with a much higher contrast, higher saturation and more aggressive sharpening.    All of them can also choose log mode for maximum dynamic range.

Left to right: One X, One R, One X2
Left to right: One X, One R, One X2

Photo Quality

I also compared the X2 to the One R for photo quality.  I was surprised that the X2 had much more detail than the One R when both are using HDR mode.  However, the One X2’s colors are far too saturated.  I am requesting Insta360 to fix the colors.

One R HDR (JPG) vs One X2 HDR (JPG)
One R HDR (JPG) vs One X2 HDR (JPG)

I also compared the X2 to the Theta Z1 ($999), both of them in HDR JPG mode.  Theta Z1 has 1-inch sensors and is tied for the best 360 camera for 360 photos.  I was surprised to find that the X2 had almost as much detail, although much more noise and less accurate colors.

Theta Z1 HDR JPG (left) vs One X2 HDR (JPG)
Theta Z1 HDR JPG (left) vs One X2 HDR (JPG)

If you use the One X2 in HDR mode and merge the DNG photos using 3rd party software, you can get even better results.  Below is a comparison between the HDR from Insta360 Studio (beta version) and HQ Lite, which is a simplified version of the HQ Method workflow.

Insta360 One X2 merged in Insta360 Studio beta version vs HQ Lite workflow
Insta360 One X2 merged in Insta360 Studio beta version vs HQ Lite workflow

Here is a 360 photo of the One X2 (HQ Lite workflow)

Stitching quality comparison (added Nov. 14, 2020)

Here is a comparison of the stitching quality of the One X2 vs One R, GoPro MAX, Qoocam 8K and Theta Z1.  You can also hear the audio quality at various distances: 

INSTA360 ONE X2 SAMPLES (updated November 9, 2020)

Download sample photos and videos (updated November 9, 2020)

You can download unstitched sample videos here and unstitched sample photos here (only for personal use – do not upload anywhere).

Sample videos:

Here are sample videos from the Insta360 One X2:

Insta360 One X2 Accessories

Insta360 One X2 accessories. Top to bottom, left to right: mic adapter, bullet time cord, quick charger, lens guards, dive case, utility frame, cold shoe
Insta360 One X2 accessories. Top to bottom, left to right: mic adapter, bullet time cord, quick charger, lens guards, dive case, utility frame, cold shoe

There are several accessories for Insta360 One X2:

    1. Lens guards: these are protective lens covers that can be used for rugged environments to protect the lenses.  They attach to the X2 using disposable adhesive strips.
    2. Microphone adapter: these connect to the the X2’s USB C port and enable an external microphone to be connected for better audio quality.  Features a pass-through USB port.
    3. Bullet time cord: a retractable cord that is intended to be used for bullet time videos.
    4. Quick charger: can charge up to three batteries, each at twice the normal charging speed.
    5. Dive case: capture underwater 360 photos and 360 videos with smooth stitching and better sharpness.
    6. Utility frame: a cage for the One X2 that has two cold shoes, a lens cover, and the option to use a GoPro-style mount.
    7. Cold shoe: mounts between the X2 and the Invisible Selfie Stick to add a cold shoe to the One X2.
    8. Invisible Selfie Stick (not shown): a monopod that is narrow enough to fit between the X2’s lenses, making it invisible in 360 photos and videos.
    9. Multipurpose tripod (not shown): a tripod stand for the Invisible Selfie Stick.



  1. Does Insta360 One X2 have better VIDEO QUALITY than Insta360 One X or Insta360 One R?
    The One X2, One X, and One R have similar detail.  However, the X2 has better contrast and more aggressive sharpening because of its exclusive Vivid color profile, which is also available to One R but only for the 4K mod and 1-inch mod.  The X2 can also use the standard profile which has lower contrast.
  2. Does Insta360 One X2 have better PHOTO QUALITY than Insta360 One X or Insta360 One R?
    Yes, in my tests the X2 HDR mode is much more detailed than One R’s HDR mode.
  3. What are the differences between the Insta360 One X2 and the One X?
    The biggest differences are:
    + Waterproof.  One X2 is waterproof to 10 meters, even without a case.
    + Touchscreen.  X2’s touchscreen makes it very easy to adjust the settings and preview your exposure.  The OLED touchscreen is also easy to see even in bright sunlight.
    + In-camera 360 view: X2 can review photos and videos in 360 mode with stabilization.
    + Longer battery life: X2 can record up to 80 minutes.
    + Lens covers: X2 has optional lens covers.
    + 9-shot HDR in Raw+JPG: X2 can take HDR photos with much better quality
    + Better stabilization
    + Non-360 Steady Cam mode: X2 can switch to a stabilized non-360 video mode that can be stitched and stabilized in the camera.
    + Instapano: X2 can take a panoramic photo, similar to an equirectangular view but cropped.
    + Better in-camera audio: X2 has spatial audio with four microphones
    + Airpods compatibility: you can use airpods and some Bluetooth headsets as a wireless microphone.
    + External microphone: X2 has an optional microphone adapter.
    + Vivid mode.  One X was sometimes criticized for having “flat” color.  X2’s Vivid mode is more similar to GoPro’s colors.
    + 360 video Multiview mode: while shooting in 360 video mode, X2 can show a multiview
    + Date and time do not reset, even if you remove the battery.
    + Webcam mode: One X2 can be used as a 360 webcam.
  4. What are the differences between the Insta360 One X2 and One R?
    The biggest differences are:
    + Better waterproofing (doesn’t need a bracket)
    + Vivid mode in all video modes.  One R can use Vivid mode only for 4K mod and 1-inch mod.
    + Much better audio: X2 has four microphones and has spatial audio.
    + Much longer battery life: rated for 80 minutes (I was able to record 74 minutes).
    + Steady Cam stabilized non-360 mode with no stitching required
    + Instapano panoramic photo mode (standard and HDR).
    + Automatic timeshift mode (360 and non-360)
    + 1/4-20 tripod hole ensures that the camera will always be in-line with the selfie stick
    –  X2 has a webcam mode but doesn’t have the One R 4K mod’s auto-tracking.
  5. What is the maximum recording time of the Insta360 One X2?
    The battery is rated for 80 minutes.  I was able to record for 74 minutes.  The video had no drifting and I did not notice any fogging.
  6. What will happen to Insta360 One R?  Will One X2 replace the One R?
    A lot of people bought the Insta360 One R during the Amazon Prime Day sale, and now they’re wondering if they should return the One R?  If you’re one of those people you shouldn’t worry.  Here’s why.
    I saw the One X2 back in August 2019, before the One R was released.  This means they were both being developed simultaneously and were intended to be sold at the same time, which underscores the point that the One R and the X2 serve different markets.  The X2 is not a replacement for the One R.
    This has at least two precedents.  Insta360 once sold the Insta360 One and Insta360 Nano S simultaneously.  Both had similar video quality but had different form factors targeted toward different users.  Insta360 also sold the Insta360 One X and Insta360 Evo concurrently.  Both had very similar specifications, except that the EVO could be converted into a VR180 camera, while the One X had better stitching due to less parallax error between its lenses.
    The One R can do some things that the X2 cannot do (and vice-versa).  For some people, the better camera will be the X2.  However, for others, the better camera will still be the trusty Insta360 One R.
    If you bought the One R because of its unique advantages, then don’t worry – none of those advantages are going away.  If the One R wasn’t a perfect fit but you bought it anyway because you felt there were no alternatives, then the X2 may be better for you.
  7. Can Insta360 One X2 use the One X dive case?
    No.  The One X2 is slightly thicker than One X and will not fit in the One X dive case.
  8. Can Insta360 One X2 use the microphone adapter of the One R?
    No.  The One R USB microphone adapter will not work on One X2, according to Insta360’s representative.
  9. Help!  My One X2 videos can’t be read by Insta360 Studio!  Also: why do I have duplicate files?
    Each 5.7K video from the One X2 has TWO files that are almost identically named.  You must keep both files in the same directory and must not rename either of them.  If either one is missing or renamed, Insta360 Studio (or the phone app) will not be able to view the video.
  10. Help! My files look like two circles!
    You are looking at unstitched files.  In order to view them in 360, the files have to be stitched together either in Insta360 mobile app or Insta360 Studio 2020 desktop app.
360 video stitching from double fisheye to standard equirectangular
360 video stitching from double fisheye to standard equirectangular format
  • Help!  My files look distorted!  How do I see them in 360?
    You’ll need a 360 photo viewer or 360 video viewer.  There are plenty on mobile and desktop.  For iOS and Android, you can use Google Photos to view 360 photos and videos.  On desktop, I like using Insta360 Studio or GoPro VR Player.
  • Help!  My One X2 videos look horrible and pixelated!  Nothing at all like your samples!
    Be sure to use the full resolution versions, not the LRV files (low resolution previews).
  • How did they take the shots for the One X2 teaser?
    Are you curious about how they shot the teaser trailer?  Here’s the teaser trailer and my analysis:

Join the X2 Users Group

Join the One X2 Users and Fans group here.   I will endeavor to keep the group positive and supportive.  No spam and no rudeness allowed.

Conclusion; Where to Buy

The Insta360 One X2 improves on the Insta360 One X and One R by adding a stabilized non-360 mode, spatial audio, better waterproofing, a better HDR photo mode, and other features.  Its biggest disadvantage is that it does not improve video quality significantly over the One X or One R.  However, if you don’t have a 360 camera yet, the One X2 is the best overall 360 camera as of October 2020, taking into account both image quality and usability.

If you have any questions about the Insta360 One X2, please post them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them.  If you’d like to get the Insta360 One X2 or One R, please use the links below which will support 360 Rumors at no additional cost to you, so I can do more tests and reviews.  And if you encounter any issues with your purchase and you used my affiliate links, please send me a message, I can help you with them.

Insta360 One X2: Insta360 Direct or Amazon (available Nov. 25) or B&H Photo (TBA)
Insta360 One R:  Insta360 Direct (free selfie stick) or Amazon or B&H Photo

Camera crew in your pocket
  • Photo
  • Video
  • Usability


An excellent choice for a first 360 camera, or if your 360 camera is from the previous generation.
Pros: very good video quality, excellent usability, best app in the industry, more affordable than GoPro MAX.
Cons: video quality not much better than One X or One R.

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  • The fact that you unveil that the One X2 was developed in summer 2019 is kind of a pity. While for example guys like DJI seem to postpone launch not because they don’t want to compete against own success models and canibalize them, but rather because the competition launched some gorgeous products (like Skydio’s breathtaking autonomous capabilities) and the need to pimp up before launch in order to be above competition, at Insta360 who was clearly one of the pioneers in making 360 portable, the last years the inspiration on technical level seems to have stopped (see mostly sensor size and resolution which are responsible for image quality). Of course, it’s my own impression, but I still can’t take out of my mind the phrase “developed in summer 2019” 🙁

  • My wild guess is a One X model 2 that does 8k 30fps 360 video with the same small sensor. I hope the sensor is bigger, but 8k would be an incremental upgrade since 360 really suffers in quality given the huge FOV it has to cover.

    I have the One X and One R and both have pretty good strengths. The One X was the first good all around 360 camera. I would say the Gopro Max is about the same now. The One R has the One Inch mod which allows for very good quality. I am all for any updates with 360 cameras, because we really have to get to 8k for 360 to have some visual clarity on distant objects. If we can see a bigger sensor and 8k both happen, that would be perfect, but I think makers are afraid to try that at the price point it would be.

    I think there is a market for a 360 camera with twin one inch sensors that can shoot 8k 30fps, even at a higher price point of around $800. I would snap that up right away.

    Does anyone have any clue what is going on with the 3d mod that Insta360 seems to think is “coming soon” for 8 months now?

  • I agree about that. But coming again back to “developed in the same period” means they (One R and One X2) most probably share the same sensor. Explaining also some comments about the teaser which guessed that it doesn’t look like 8K crispness. So my wild guess is that waterproofness and maybe a bit of optics is the sole upgrade compared to One X.

    • Yes I think they have the same sensor, but with different processing. There are several small improvements that together make it a big enough upgrade from One X for usability (IMHO).

  • Will it fail to Kandao QooCam 8K, which has 1/1.7 sensor? Why Insta360 one is stuck with 1/2.3 sensor 😔😑😒

    • Qoocam 8k has a better sensor, but its lens is not as good in my opinion. It is a bit sharper in the middle but actually less sharp as you move closer to the stitch line. And you have the blurgate issues.

  • I don’t expect it to be 8K yet, as it would basically eliminate an important reason to get the Pro 2. I do hope that they will release an in between One X and Pro that doesn’t break the bank.

  • my guess is it will uses the 1/1.7″ 64mpix sensors we now see on many affordables smartphones (1/1.3″ 108mpix sensor must be too expensive) and 8k@30 8 bits 4:2:0 seems a no brainer upgrade feature and my guess is $499 price point to compete with qoocam 8k

  • That’s with all the 2 sensor 360 sensor cameras. Stitching sucks.

    4 cameras, 1/1.7 sensors. Price under 1500 $.

    Is this possible?

  • I will never upgrade from 2 sensor 360 camera to another 2 sensor camera. Stiching on 2 lens camera just sucks so much.

    May be they could try with 3 fisheye lens / sensors… There would be too much overlapping area to skip, and get only the sharpest areas… . To final video.

    Teche 360 anywhere… Its using 180 degree lens to get sky also to the video. So on the sideways there must have lots of overlaping area, datawise to be skipped from final video. So they take only the sharpest middle areas of the lens. In body stitching… Nah overkill, why not leave it to more powerful iphone.

    • Hi Heikki. Overlap is definitely important for stitching, but so is parallax error. And all cameras with more than 2 lenses have a lot of parallax error. Ricoh Theta cameras, even though they have only 2 lenses, have smoother stitching and shorter minimum stitching distance than any 360 camera with 3 or more lenses.

      Anyhow, there are 2-lens 360 cameras with a lot of overlap, if that’s what you want. For example, the Qoocam (VR180) has around 220 degrees fov per lens, iirc. Yi 360 VR is also 220 degrees FOV. If you want greater overlap, those are the best I’m aware of.

  • i see a screen, why did they spent raw material dollar on that instead of video image quality that really lags behind for 360 video (better sensor or better optics) ? to check the exposure we all have smartphones with much larger screens, i am slightly disappointed by this choice, let’s hope it will at least have 8k (i mean detailed 8k with at least a 48mpix sensor)

  • I am not sure what “parallax error” error is. Can this be fixed afterwards, post processing softwarely using AI or smthing. It is even more important not to have inbody stitching.

    • Parallax error means that if you create a panorama from two different points, then some parts of the scene will not line up when you try to combine them. There are techniques for fixing stitching errors.

  • Disappointing that this Insta360 One X2 is only going to do 5.7K@30fps. We need something better that is more portable and especially no so friggin’ noisy like the Insta360 Pro/Pro 2. Insta360 has nothing in the Prosumer category. The One R was already a big disappointment for a 360 camera.
    For those that want some proper higher-res picture of One X 2:
    https://static.bhphoto.com/images/multiple_images/images2500x2500/1603755922_IMG_1435437.jpg and https://www.bhphotovideo.com/images/images2500x2500/insta360_cinosxx_a_one_x2_1601137.jpg

  • doubt it would have 8k res, one thing they could improve is to shoot at 60fps – be waterproof – exchangeable batteries – bigger sensor maybe

    • well, it fixes the issues of the One X
      – waterproof (mine flooded in the venture case)
      – “features” that were disabled in the latest app
      – larger battery, unknown at this time if it will record longer, or overheat like others do

      IMHO not worth the upgrade if your One X still works

  • parallax error. I see it as post stiching problem. Sodtware issue and not within the camera it self. And even insta titan feed has it.🤔🙄😯😲

    About the new 1×2. Agree – nothing to see here. Disappointed. Sensor did not grow even a tiny bit from 1/ 2.3 to 1/2 or 1/1.7 or 1/1.28. Most problems are with the stiching software, so why would one upgrade hardware anyway.

    Can you show, what problem the advertised AI exactly solves?

  • I agree. I was waiting for a 8K 360 camera with bigger sensors and higher price.
    This is certainly a good upgrade of Insta360 one X, but I was waiting for the best quality dual lens 360 camera.
    Probably it’s not so far to Z1 photos or Qoocam 8K video, but I believe Insta360 target must be the first in the class.

  • Which one do you think has better photo and video quality, the One R or the One X2? Which one has better dynamic range and detail?

    • Hi Lars. Check out the newly added FAQ of this exact question, or see the video review, which deals with this exact question at 01:26.

  • Are the videos still split into 30 minute segments like the one-x? More importantly, is the delay between recording continuous video still present? I seem to remember there is something like a 7 second delay between videos. This is the only thing that prevented me from buying the one-x.

  • This is a tough up-sell for One X owners who don’t do underwater shooting, although the upgrade to H.265 is big in terms of recorded footage (it’s definitely a better camera, but I’m not sure it’s “replace my One X” better). What are the plusses to this over last year’s GoPro Max? At a surface level, the Max seems very competitive, although I’m sure the One X2 is much better at close-range stitching. I’m looking to get a new camera for (hopefully) a vacation in a couple of months, and I’m still inclined to get the Max. I’ve got several Insta360 products and a couple of GoPros and am generally happy with both brands. I want a water-resistant 360, but I’m not going for the One R until/unless they release the #3DMod.

    • Hey there Joe. See the new FAQ which lists the benefits to upgrading from One X. For GoPro MAX, the key advantages of the X2 are: external audio options (airpods or external mic), HDR photos, HDR video, 360 playback, more convenient 1/4-20 mount, a better app, lower price.

  • One R and X2 have about the same video quality. For photo quality, One X2 is better. See the new section of the article entitled “Photo and video quality”.

  • Mic,

    buddy, I was enjoying your sample 360 image at the dentist, what happened to your knees and did it have anything to do with one of your e-skateboards or monowheels 🙂 ?

    Kidding aside. I have a question about the spec sheet. Under connectivity you put for both ‘MFI-certified lightning connector’. Imh it’s somewhat misleading – at least to me, a non native speaker. This sounds like an Apple Lightning port rather than a cable which can be bought as an accessory. Or is it just me? Additionally (slightly) confusing as the One X has a micro USB port and One X 2 come with USB C.

    Might be nitpicking…

    Thanks again for all of your insights and dedication you put into this, I really appreciate it!

  • Hi Mic,

    Thanks for the photo samples. Any chance we could have some video samples/footage to download and look at? Thanks!

  • Thank you so much, Mic! I think the HDR video might be what seals it for me. With the subscription promo, the Max is actually a bit cheaper, and I’ve got a ton of GoPro to 1/4-20 adapters (but absolutely, the built-in 1/4-20 is more stable), but HDR video is a huge plus to the X2. It’s really nice to have multiple good options, though! Sure, we’re always going to want more, but our 360 choices are so much better than ever. I mean, aside from 3D/VR180 shakes fist.

  • The user’s manual (Insta360 One X2) is basically useless. It just shows the parts of the camera and there is no following detail on how to use it. One must experiment with all those options and layers. Make a user’s manual like Panasonic and other camera makers do to facilitate this laborious enterprise. I would consider purchase, but not under these circumstances. They are to cheap to make a decent pdf manual it appears and unwise.

  • is hdr video quality the same on x and x2 ? is there some software that is used on x2 that could run but refuses to run on x (software crippling) ? thanks

  • Hey, Mic. Nice in-depth review of the of the Insta360 ONE X2! Would you get the X2 or Theta Z1 for creating virtual tours? If noise is a concern with the X2 – would Topaz DeNoise level the playing field between the two cameras? I also like shooting video so which camera is better for that? Any other reason to get one camera over the other? I own the Insta360 ONE X and am very comfortable with how to use it and the editing software that it comes with. Thanks!

  • Hi Mike i own a mijia mi sphere that is still a good 360 camera (i’m only interested to 360 photos, not video); do you think is time to upgrade to insta360? 🙂

    • Thanks Neil! Yes you can change the number of shots and the exposure intervals between shots. Number of shots is 3, 5, 7 or 9. Exposure interval is 0.3EV to 4EV, but the maximum interval decreases with more shots. At 9 shots, the max. interval is 1EV (8 stops total dynamic range). You can also choose JPG or Raw+JPG. The phone app can stitch and HDR merge the JPG. For Raw, you need to stitch and HDR merge in the desktop app.

      • thanks for this and always appreciate the time you take to give your followers full answers when you get so many questions. yep i managed to set this in the end but i have to say (and guessing its not just me?) i couldnt get close to the z1 quality for internal shots. general detail was fine but as soon as you zoom in its a total difference even after a lot of work with topaz. for a professional virtual tour sadly the one x2 doesnt quite cut it for me.

  • really useful review. i bought one and just tested it up against the z1. not sure if its me or the camera but i cant get close to the z1 quality with this insta (especially when you zoom in)

  • Can the camera record and charge at the same time. Also can it create a continuous video about 90 minutes
    to 120 minutes long for concerts. I currently have a qoocam but the videos are quite soft. The one x2 at lower resolution actually seems sharper.

    • Hi Long. Yes you can charge battery and record video at the same time. After exactly 30 minutes, the X2 has to clear its cache and save the file, which takes around 10 seconds then it starts a new recording. So after 30 minutes, there will be around a 10-second gap. To avoid missing any critical videos, you’ll need two X2s. Close to 30 minute mark, you would begin recording with the second X2.

      You can also choose Qoocam 8K or GoPro MAX instead. They don’t have a gap.

  • Hello. If i connect to the wifi of the x2, can’t I still access the internet like in X? Can it stream directly to youtube without the phone now? Also, does it not spend the battery power when turned off like in one x? Thanks for your clarifications.

    • Hi Shem. If your phone is connected to the X2 wi-fi, you cannot access the internet unless your phone can use its cell signal for internet while connected to a Wi-Fi network. To stream to youtube, you need the phone. When turned off, the X2 will drain power if you turn on the option for “bluetooth wakeup.” If the option for wakeup is off, then the drain will be lower.

      Best regards,

  • 2 questions:
    1: can you charge the battery and record video at the same time?
    2: are the video files going to be a continuous file?

    I’m looking at recording events like concerts

    • Hi Long. Yes you can charge battery and record video at the same time. After exactly 30 minutes, the X2 has to clear its cache and save the file, which takes around 10 seconds then it starts a new recording. So after 30 minutes, there will be around a 10-second gap. To avoid missing any critical videos, you’ll need two X2s. Close to 30 minute mark, you would begin recording with the second X2.

      You can also choose Qoocam 8K or GoPro MAX instead. They don’t have a gap.

  • Any idea what the price will be on Amazon? Amazon shows it being in stock on Nov 25th. Insta360 is not shipping orders until Nov 29th. So wondering what the price difference will be. As always thanks for the great videos!! I sold my One X and ready for the One X2 🙂

  • Do not buy Insta360 One X2 if you are buying it for 360° live streaming!

    It cannot live stream in 4k 360° (while the previous older model Insta360 One X can).

    The maximum 360° live streaming resolution achievable with Insta360 One X2 is: 1280p (far from 4K, totally unacceptable, low quality).

    Insta360 One X2 is actually WORSE for 360° live streaming than Insta360 One X!

    Why are there no mentions and no warnings about this important fact in all the reviews?

    How come it is not mentioned in the specs whatsoever (no max resolution numbers under: Live streaming)?

    • it would seem that the hardware is there to clearly support it, so the question is did they disable it in firmware for some specific reason? That seems bizarre that they would do that.

  • I have sent 4 emails with insta360 trying to get customer support to update the storage card page for the X2 with the same chart that the one X has showing photo and video capacity but with a column for a 1Tb card.

    Can anyone with the camera and a 1Tb card tell me how much video the camera says it can record when the card is empty using h265 5760 x 2880, 30fps?

    The oneX2 page that is missing the capacity table:

    The oneX page is here for reference:

  • Can you please upload a sample video files from the “Steady Cam Mode” and please include the preview file if the camera generates it /

    Thanks a million man 🙂

  • Does the Insta360 One X2 use Flowstate stabilization in Intervalometer 360 photos mode to do horizon lock? I currently use the Insta360 One X in video mode because it does horizon lock, and photo mode doesn’t. But extracted photos from video mode are much lower quality than photo mode for Google Street View. If the Insta360 One X2 does photo horizon lock, then I can go back to using photo mode without the time consuming leveling processing I was doing.

  • I’d like to ask you a question: I have one x2 camera and when I process my footage in mobile app the stitching is terrible. And I can not see any stitching calibration option. Is it possible that my unit is broken or missasembled and I should sent it to service? Or is it a normal behavior or maybe I am doing something wrong. I can stitch better in PC application but that means that I can not use mobile app at all because the stitching missalignment is so severe that the footage is unwatchable 🙁
    On insta360 web page there is a tutorial that shows in app settings for stitching callibration but there is no such option when I walk through app setting or three dot menu associated with the particular footage.
    I’d be grateful for any info.

    • Hi Piotr. When you are reviewing the footage, the stitching is not final. When you render the footage, then you will see the final stitching, which will be much smoother. Other than that, it also matters how close you are to the nearest object. Here is what is “normal” for One X2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84MRJxvDD34
      Best regards,

      • Excellent! Thank you for your response. I watched this movie as soon as you have published it in 2020 but have forgotten it since then. 🙂 Looks my item is not broken. However wondering why in mobile app stitching callibration option is removed since in app footage processing suffers badly from this issue. I can get much better results using Insta360 Studio on my PC and pity I can not get the same results in my phone 🙁
        Thank you very much again for your invluable contribution to 360 world wide users community. Your work is very helpful and important!

      • Checked again and it looks like my footage from 4 feet is equivalent for what you are showing for 1 foot 🙁 And wondering why. It look really bad on final footage from the app. I’ll send it to the service for realignment. Looks to me as inside the body of my X2 these two cameras are badly mounted. Eh… bad luck… :/

      • Here is what i get from mobile app export
        the stitching on the ceiling is as you can see terrible and the distance is about 2 meters from the camera. What do you think – is it a camera issue or am I missing something (some vital settings or something else?)

        • Hi Piotr. The zenith is usually the most problematic stitching area for 360 cameras. Are there also stitching errors toward the horizon? Also, can you try “calibrate stitching” on the desktop?

          Best regards,

          • unfortunatelly it is not only in zenith but throughout the whole stitching line from nadir to zenith. On the desktop I am able to export well stitched video after stitching callibration in insta360 Studio but footage exported from mobile app has this terrible stitching issue. And unfortunatelly I could not find an option to improve stitching in mobile app.

  • In the first place thank you for being a great resource for us! As for my question:I understand the HDR feature is automated. How about bracketing feature…. Can we set the iso to 100 or 200 when bracketing the dng files to make the hdr outside in Camera RAW at Photoshop ?

    • Good question! Sadly, no it does not have a bracketing feature per se. But I’ll ask Insta360 to add an ISO priority for their HDR shooting mode.

      • Thank you. While even a cheaper and less featured device like theta SC 2 having this feature it’s strange the Insta360 doesn’t do that! I’d understand if the Insta 360 X2 has a bigger brother like theta SC2’s bigger brother theta Z1 so as not to cut its sale but it doesn’t.

  • As far as using a one shot camera to shoot 360 virtual tours, this is definitely an option i would consider. Only issue would be the quality of the imagery.

  • Hello! Thank you for great website and your effort. I also own Insta360 one X2. In your sample video I noticed that your video sample is having bitrate 150Mbps. When I make video 5,7k 30fps – standard mode, I get only 96Mbps. Why is that? I am using SD card “Sandisk microSDXC, 128GB, A2, C10, V30, UHS-I, U3”. Can you tell me your secret for such high bitrate? Thank you very much.

  • Hi Mic! Does the Insta360 One X2 have a feature that works the same as the “Time Shift” plugin for the Ricoh Theta cameras, which is used to hide the photographer from the stitched photo? The One X2 seems to have a feature called “TimeShift” but it looks like that is something completely different. Thanks.

    • Hi David. No it doesn’t but I’ll ask insta360 if they can add it. It’s well within their capabilities!

  • You should have emphasised that x2 having h265 100mbit/s it has two times more data than x h264 100mbit/s because h265 is twice as efficient a h264. Don’t it show up in video image quality ?

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