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Rylo vs. GoPro Hero6 – stabilization and video quality compared!

Rylo vs. GoPro Hero6
Rylo vs. GoPro Hero6

With the release of Rylo’s new 180 mode, many wondered how it compares to GoPro Hero6.  Well, now we don’t have to speculate! In this post, I compare them for stabilization and image quality.

Ever since Rylo (reviewed here) was released in November 2017, it has consistently amazed everyone with its stabilization.  Now Rylo is using its stabilization technology to aim squarely at non-360 action cameras with its new 180 mode, released as part of the major update yesterday, which added other features including Bluetooth remote control, self-timer, and a motion blur effect.

Compared to 360 mode, the new 180 mode enables higher video quality but the question is, how good is the stabilization?

I compared Rylo’s 180 mode to GoPro Hero6, which has been recognized as having one of the best, if not THE best, stabilization for action cameras.  I attached them both to my R/C car in a test that by now you are very familiar with.  Let’s see how they compared:

Interestingly, even in 180 mode, Rylo showed far better stabilization than Hero6. On the other hand, Hero6 was clearly more detailed than Rylo, despite the 180 mode’s higher image quality. So now the question is which one do you think people will prefer?  Which one do YOU prefer?   Let me know in the comments!

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  • Thanks for the comparison, the Rylo has impressive stabilization but poor video, both the definition/resolution/sharpness and the color cast. I suppose they can’t do much about the first problem but surely they must have seen the dozens of complaints about the color cast ?!

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