360 Camera Techniques

Theta Z1 sticks to windows with this accessory (see the sample 360 photo)

Have you ever wanted to capture an amazing view from your room while also showing a photo of the room?  If you have a Ricoh Theta Z1 (reviewed here), you can do that by sticking your Z1 to the window with a clever accessory.  Click on the sample 360 photo to see an example of the kind of shot you can get with this technique:

To get this shot, you need this Z1 cage designed by Clay Morehead from 360Niagara.  The cage has multiple attachment points for the Theta Z1, enabling you to use multiple accessories such as LED lights, microphones, or in the case of the window shot above, a special attachment that uses 3M glue strips.  And yes, the cage is completely invisible to the Theta Z1.

Theta Z1 cage
Theta Z1 cage

Here are other ideas for shooting with this Theta Z1 cage:

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The Theta Z1 cage is available from Shapeways here for around $48 USD.

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