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360 camera virtual tour photo technique: how to add AMAZING lighting effects

360 camera photo technique: add lighting effects
360 camera photo technique: add lighting effects

How do you stand out in the crowded virtual tour market?  One way is by adding amazing lighting effects.  Here’s a tutorial by award-winning 360 photographer Yuqing Guo for 360 cameras.  In this case, he used the Qoocam 8K but the technique works for other 360 cameras as well.

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To create these photos, Yuqing adapted the lighting techniques from Virtual Tour Edge 2.0 to a 360 camera, the Qoocam 8K.  Whereas Virtual Tour Edge 2.0 uses DSLRs and flash photography, Yuqing used a 360 camera and an LED light.  The advantage of Yuqing’s approach is that they can work with 360 cameras that are easier to shoot with.  On the other hand, the techniques in Virtual Tour Edge 2.0 can produce higher quality and can be used in a wider variety of lighting conditions.  I do plan to add a tutorial to HQ Method that will also add additional lighting techniques for 360 cameras.

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