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IQUI 360 Camera Flash Spring Sale 2021 (One Day Only!)

IQUI Flash Sale

If you’ve been thinking about trying out the IQUI 360° camera (pronounced “ee-kwee”), now’s your chance! Revolutionizing 360° with a unique quad-lens and point-and-shoot style, IQUI is a sleek addition to any camera collection. 

This is the biggest sale that Vecnos (the team behind IQUI) have run so far. If you’d like to learn more, 360rumors.com wrote about IQUI when it first appeared on the market.


  • Simple and Fun – Turns 360° images into mini-videos that can be quickly posted online
  • Award-winning design – IQUI was named one of the “BEST 100” Good Design Award winners
  • Portable – Only 2.2 oz, making it the ultimate choice for on-the-go photography and fun. It fits in your pocket, bag, purse, and hand. 
  • Great software –  IQUISPIN transforms 360° images into short videos with unique Motions, Filters, and Effects. IQUISPIN is free to download and can be used with any 360° camera. IQUI owners get access to exclusive Motions and Effects. 

Whether you’re looking for something new or want to share the joy of 360° with a loved one, IQUI is a quick and easy tool for capturing your world. 

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