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3D 360 photos from video games look AMAZING

3D 360 video game photos

How’d you like to take 3D 360 photos from within your video games?  They look amazing! Check out this 3D 360 screenshot:

HOW TO SHOOT 3D 360 PHOTOS in video games

This screenshot is from Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.  The game has two versions: a non-VR version and a VR version.  In the non-VR version, you can take a screenshot in 360 or 3D 360 with NVidia Ansel. Ironically, the VR version does not seem to support NVidia Ansel, which is really tragic.  I hope Meta will enable 3D 360 screenshots for games.


How to view in 3D on Quest 3 or other VR headsets:   The best way to watch this photo turned into video is on the YouTube VR app (not a web browser).  The trickiest part is finding the video.  You can try typing the title and hope it pops up in your search results.

Another way to view a 3D 360 screenshot with your VR headset is to upload the screenshot to Orbix360, which is free.  On the Quest, visit this URL on the Quest Browser or your VR headset’s WebVR-compatible web browser: https://orbix360.com/p9Or6oCxq   then click on the Google Cardboard icon (NOT the icon with red and blue glasses).

How to view on your phone: If you view this on your phone, you can look around in 360 by moving your phone like a virtual camera.  However, the view will not be stereoscopic 3D.

How to view in 3D on Google Cardboard (Android phones):  On your Android phone, view the video on the YouTube app (not a web browser).  On the bottom right corner, tap on the Google Cardboard icon then insert your phone on Google Cardboard viewer.

How to view in 3D on your PC (anaglyph red / blue 3D glasses): You can view 3D 360 screenshots with anaglyph red/cyan glasses.  Just upload them to Orbix360 (again, it’s free).  Click on the icon that looks like Google Cardboard but has red and blue glasses.

Orbix360 supports anaglyph glasses. Click on the icon on the right side.
Orbix360 supports anaglyph glasses. Click on the icon on the right side.

Here is a sample:


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  • Why not simply play the Game in 360 3D with your VR Headset😂
    And why do you describe all this crippled methods to view it with cardboard or analglyph ancient hardware? I guess your website will be read by more experienced 360 users only😉 OK could be, many of the 360 cam users don’t even have an VR Headset what would be questionable at least.

    • Sure but sometimes, you want to take a screenshot such as to show to your friends. Instead of a regular 2D screenshot, it can be 3D 360.

    • OK, i get it, you can show your best scenes to your Friends. The best Format should be, simple Top Bottom jpg. How about the possible Resolution? Should be something in the 7680×7680 Region or greater?

      Another interesting Option could be the use as Background in your Quest Home what is possible since several months😉

      Greetings from Germany.