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How to shoot aerial 360 videos with invisible drone and just one 360 camera

360 aerial video with invisible drone and just one 360 camera

Hugh Hou of CreatorUp! posted a tutorial on how to shoot an aerial 360 video with a drone and just one 360 camera.  Here’s the sample video and the tutorial.

First, here is the aerial 360 video.

Hugh used the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum, an upgraded version of the Mavic Pro, with quieter propellers, and longer flight time. For his 360 camera, Hugh used GoPro Fusion. Here is part 1 of Hugh’s tutorial, where Hugh explains why he used the Mavic and Fusion, and how to attach the Fusion to the Mavic Pro.

Here is part 2 of the tutorial, where Hugh explains the postprocessing to transform the 360 video into a tiny planet, and to remove the drone from the shot.

Here is Part 3, where Hugh erases the drone for a 360 video (it’s a different solution from part 2)

CreatorUp is one of the best YouTube channels for 360 camera enthusiasts.  Hugh creates a lot of videos for 360 cameras and techniques, and he’s usually one of the first if not the first to post a video.  Please subscribe if you haven’t yet!

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