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The most affordable body tracking for VR (watch the demo)

The most affordable full body tracking for VR
The most affordable full body tracking for VR

How would you like to have full body tracking for your VR headset for just $165?  A developer called StonX has created an affordable body tracking system that seems to work quite well.

VR systems do an excellent job of tracking the head and hand movement.  However, body tracking with accessories such as the Vive Trackers is still a bit expensive.  To use Vive Trackers for body tracking, you’ll need three Trackers ($99 each), body straps, and Vive base stations.  Even if you already have HTC Vive, Vive Pro, or Valve Index, it will cost at least $300 to get 3 trackers, not including the cost of the straps.  If you want to use body tracking with Oculus Quest 2 or other VR headsets, you’ll also need to buy two lighthouses  (at least $134 each for the older 1.0 lighthouses).  Because of the high cost, full body tracking is supported only by a handful of apps, such as VRChat and Blade and Sorcery.

Now there is a new tracking system that could bring body tracking to the masses.  Developer StonX has created a new body tracking system that is far more affordable, possibly as low as $160, which he plans to release later this year.   Stonx’s body tracking system uses outside-in tracking with a base station connected to your PC, plus an LED light and colored discs.   The discs are retroreflective and are completely passive (no batteries).  They reflect the light from the LED light, and are detected by the tracking sensor, and with a proprietary tracking algorithm, the software appears to track the lower body effectively.

The most affordable full body tracking for VR
The most affordable full body tracking for VR

Here’s the demo:

The prototype can only track 180 degrees but StonX is working on 360 degree body tracking.  This system looks very promising and I’m hoping that this can be produced at the target price to bring body tracking to the masses.  The 180-degree developer kit is available for preorder for around $70 here.  The 360 degree upgrade will be available for around $57.   The full 360 degree system will be $162.  Would you want fully body tracking if it were available for around $160?  Let me know in the comments.

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  • I already pre-ordered the DK1 and will also buy the 360 upgrade kit.
    This is cheaper than Vive and from the demo and talking with the devs, it is much more accurate than the kinect tracking.
    This is the future of Full Body Tracking

  • Yes please, m using Oculus Quest 2, I want one fully body tracking 360 degrees for $160. Can I know when and how can I get it? I’m planning give it as a gift 🎁 next month if it’s already available. Kindly advise. Thank you

  • If this get’s 360 degree as said and if fine tuned so I can play beat saber with no problems. then I’m defiantly buying this kid. the problem I have with my Oculus Quest 2 is that if something need to be hit far out right or left then sometime it does not register. if this system your building can change that so I will hit no matter if I’m hitting for out right where I can’t even see it. then this will be amazing and also to this price.
    I don’t have a lot of cash either, so for me a valve index or Vive system is a no go. But a Oculus quest 2 with this on top is 3 times cheaper them valve index full setup.
    I’m Clearly going to watch reviews before I buy though, But if it is what I think it is going to be, Then I’m a future costumer for sure 🙂

  • I have a 90 ft by 30 ft indoor building with no obstructions what would I need to set that up as a gaming arena how much of a Wi-Fi signal and things like that to run Oculus quest 2? For at least 2 people?

    • Hi Paul. I can only respond with respect to Oculus Quest 2. Based on my best guess, I think a single 5ghz wireless routers would work, or you might need two (one for each Quest). But I can’t speak for the body tracking device.

  • You say to leave a comment here but have not answered any of them. Is this available and if so, where and how much?

    • Hi Susan. I answer comments when I can. For this device, I have no personal knowledge so I can’t offer any answers.

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