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BoboVR M3 in stock: fix the Quest 3’s two BIGGEST issues!

BoboVR M3 is sold out at most places. Here are other options

Quest 3 has two major issues: comfort and battery life, and both are fixed by BoboVR M3, the hottest accessory for the Quest 3.  It’s currently in stock at the time of this post.  Here’s my review.

Quest 3 is awesome but has 2 problems

Quest 3 was released almost exactly one month ago and has since earned rave reviews for its detail, huge sweet spot, and its mixed reality capabilities.   But many people complained about two issues: First, many people find it uncomfortable to wear for more than about 30 minutes.  Second, it uses up battery more quickly than the Quest 2.

The BoboVR M3 headstrap addresses both issues, and is more affordable than Meta’s Elite headstrap with battery ($129), which is why the BoboVR M3 sold out immediately.  Fortunately, it is back in stock at the time of this writing ($49 for single battery or $89 for double battery).

BOBOVR M3 Pro Battery Pack Head Strap Accessories, Reduce Facial Stress,Magnetic Battery Swap Design,Compatible with Meta Quest 3
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07/13/2024 07:17 pm GMT

Does BoboVR make Quest 3 comfortable?

BoboVR M3 has multiple adjustments
BoboVR M3 has multiple adjustments

The problem with the Quest 3 is that it’s front-heavy.  The included strap weighs next to nothing, so all its weight is on the headset itself.  Most people try to compensate for this by tightening the headstrap.  Unfortunately, this causes the headset to press hard on your face and cut off circulation, which becomes painful after about 30 minutes.

The best way to solve this problem is with a counterweight, such as an extra battery.  Although the Quest 3 becomes heavier with an extra battery, the balance improves tremendously, and there’s no need to tighten the strap to the point of discomfort.

BoboVR M3 is a halo-type headstrap.   Unlike Meta’s Elite headstrap, which pulls the headset back on your face, a halo-style headstrap works like a welding mask and rests the weight of the headset on a halo or crown over your head, while keeping the headset’s weight off your face.  This means it won’t leave you with a red scuba-like “VR face” mark.  The disadvantage of a halo-style strap is that the headset is farther from your face than an Elite-style strap, so there could be a bigger gap around your nose for example.

BoboVR M3 has multiple adjustments that allow it to fit comfortably around my head even though I’m a bit of an egghead (the back of my head is flat).  I’ve also tried it on my son who has a round head, and my daughter who has a round head but is smaller.  Tip: wear the BoboVR by first positioning the headset on your face, then sliding the rear over the back of your head, then tighten the strap.

I’ve been able to wear the BoboVR M3 for a couple of hours with no discomfort.  In addition, one thing I like about the M3 compared to its predecessor the M2 for Quest 2 is that the M3 brings the Quest 3 closer to my face, to reduce the gap around the nose.

BoboVR M3 battery life

BoboVR M3 has a magnetic replaceable battery
BoboVR M3 has a magnetic replaceable battery

Quest 3 seems to use its battery more quickly, possibly due to the faster processor and its mixed reality camera.  BoboVR M3 is one of the few headsets that have a replaceable battery.  The battery attaches to the headset with powerful magnets, which makes it remove it for charging while using the on-board Quest 3 battery, or swap it out for a second battery if you have one.   The magnets hold the battery very securely and I’ve never had the batteries come off while using the BoboVR.

One criticism against the BoboVR M3 is that its battery doesn’t seem to last as long as the built-in battery of the Quest 3.  Regardless of the M3 battery specs, it appears to drain fairly quickly.  In a single session I often deplete one battery, so I do find having a second battery very useful.

BOBOVR M3 Pro Head Strap Twin Battery Combo
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07/13/2024 07:08 pm GMT

Other alternatives to the BoboVR M3

If BoboVR M3 is not available, you can also buy a BoboVR M2 and get a 3D printed adapter (there are several on eBay).  The disadvantage is that the hinges on 3D printed adapters seems to get a bit loose over time (on the one I 3D printed).   If you want to consider other options for Quest 3 headstraps, check out this other VR headstrap that has a few advantages over the BoboVR.

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