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Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 deals for 360 cameras, VR and FPV (Update #9)

Black Friday 2021 deals for 360 cameras, VR and FPV drones
Black Friday 2021 deals for 360 cameras, VR and FPV drones

Here are the best deals I’ve found for Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021 for 360 cameras and accessories, VR and FPV drones.  Keep checking back — I’ll update this as I find more deals (you’ll see the last revision in the title).

  • Update #9: 3D Vista (under 360 cameras)
  • Update #8: new Oculus Quest 2 offer at Amazon (128GB or 256GB) – get $50 Amazon gift card (under VR); new bigger discount for Reverb G2 (under VR)
  • Update #7: Oculus store apps and SteamVR games (under VR); DCL the Game (under FPV)
  • Update #6: VirtualTourPro discount (under 360 cameras), PTGui (under 360 cameras), Pyrodrone (under FPV)
  • Update #5: 360Rize Penguin, a 360 camera with realtime stitching for just $60 (under 360 cameras)
  • Update #4: Ricoh Theta SC2 (under 360 cameras)
  • Update #3: added Cloudpano (under 360 cameras)
  • Update #2: added HP Reverb G2 (under VR)
  • Update #1: added new discount at Racedayquads (under drones and FPV)

360 cameras and accessories

Insta360 Black Friday 2021 sale
Insta360 Black Friday 2021 sale
  1. Insta360 One X2.  From November 24-30, save $43 on the standalone version, or $51 on the Creator Kit Lite, or Snow Kit.  Plus a free Insta360 T-shirt for the first 200 purchasers.  Special bonus for 360 Rumors readers: free camera case.  Insta360 One X2 is the most convenient 5.7K 360 camera.  It is easily pocketable, has a touchscreen, optional external microphone adapter, and other accessories.  It is the 360 camera that I use most often.
To get the special bonus case, be sure to look for the highlighted message. Otherwise, you didn't click my link and you're not getting the bonus
To get the special bonus case, be sure to look for the highlighted message. Otherwise, you didn’t click my link and you’re not getting the bonus
  1. Insta360 One R.  From November 24-30, save $72 on the Twin edition, save $82.50 on the 1-inch edition, or save $169.50 on the Expert Edition Ultimate Kit.  Special bonus for 360 Rumors readers: free camera case.  The Insta360 One R is a modular action cam that can become a 360 camera, or a GoPro-like action cam, a 1-inch sensor cam, or even be used for an invisible drone.  It is the most versatile 360 camera on the market.  Should you get this or the One X2?  If you need the ability to convert to an action cam, 1-inch sensor camera, or invisible drone, then choose the One R.  Otherwise, I would recommend the One X2 for its simplicity and ease of use.
  2. Insta360 Go 2 – From November 24-30, the Go 2 32GB is on sale for $269 ($30 off) and you get free lens guards.  The new 64GB version is also on sale for Black Friday for $311 ($19 off).. This very popular thumb-sized camera is one of the smallest stabilized HD cameras.  It is a 180-degree camera, not a 360 camera but it actually has the same sensor as the One X2.  With its small size, it’s very inconspicuous and easy to bring with you everywhere.  You can even attach it to your shirt with the included magnetic pendant.

  3. Ricoh Theta SC2$30 off plus free monopod and stand.  Theta SC2 is a popular 360 camera for virtual tours, especially for beginners and nonphotographers.  With it, you can take 360 photos and use them right away, with no need to stitch the photos. It is so easy to use that anyone can use it.

Ricoh Theta SC2 is a popular 360 camera for virtual tours
Ricoh Theta SC2 is a popular 360 camera for virtual tours
  1. 360Rize Penguin (360Penguin) 360 camera.  For Black Friday, this camera is just $60 after all discounts (check the box for the 25% coupon).  360Rize Penguin is 360 camera that can shoot 4k 360 videos and stitch them in-camera.  That means there’s no need to stitch it afterward in any app.  The 360 video is ready to use, straight out of the camera.  The quality isn’t as good as other 360 cameras and the video isn’t stabilized, but if you want an easy and low-cost 360 camera for videos, it doesn’t get more affordable than this.  Here is a sample video with the Penguin mounted on an FPV drone.  I then reframed the video in the free Insta360 Studio software.  Reframing means I converted the 360 video to non-360 video and chose the angles, perspectives and camera moves I wanted.

YouTube video player

  1. Virtual Tour Edge and HQ Method.  From now until November 30, save 30% ($74) on the Virtual Tour Edge and HQ Method bundle – get both for $173 (use the code Blackfriday30).  That is less than the regular price for either HQ Method ($199) or Virtual Tour Edge ($199).  Plus, get exclusive savings on virtual tour products and services such as Nodal Ninja. Hundreds of satisfied students to date.
  • HQ Method: learn how to get the best quality from your 360 camera and stand out from the crowded virtual tour market.
  • Virtual Tour Edge: Do you want to create high quality virtual tour photos in the easiest and fastest way?  Learn how to shoot high quality 360 photos with a DSLR or mirrorless camera, which is actually faster to edit than photos from a 360 camera, with rarely a need to fix any stitching error.  For example, I never had to fix a single stitching error in any of these photos I’ve shot for clients.

HQ Method sample:

With Virtual Tour Edge, you’ll learn to take shots like these:

  1. PTGui and PTGui Pro.  Until Nov. 30, around 17% discount.  PTGui is the best stitching software and is the software used for HQ Method and Virtual Tour Edge 2.0.
  2. 3DVista. 20% off for Cyber Monday.  3DVista is a full-featured virtual tour editor used by many professionals for highly customized virtual tours.

3DVista Black Friday sale
3DVista Black Friday sale
  1. Virtual Tour Pro.  From now until Nov. 29, get 20% off.  Use the code BLACKFRIDAY (first 50 customers only).  Virtual Tour Pro is Ben Claremont’s course for creating and selling virtual tours.
  2. Cloudpano Pro PlusFree VR kit (take 360 photos with your phone).  Cloudpano is a virtual tour website that lets you create virtual tours with your 360 camera or DSLR.  For Black Friday, you can get a free “VR Kit” that lets you take 360 photos with your phone when you subscribe to their Pro Plus plan.

  3. Ulanzi accessories: from Nov. 24 – 29, get 22% off sitewide.  Use the code BLKF22.  Ulanzi makes camera accessories, including some accessories for Insta360 cameras.


VR deals

Oculus Quest 2 (left) and Rift S (right)
Oculus Quest 2 (left) is a little more compact than Rift S (right)
  1. Oculus Quest 2 (now called Meta Quest 2).

Offer #1 (NEW): get a $50 gift card from Amazon with either version (128GB or 256GB).  Use the code OCULUS50 at checkout.

Offer #2:  you can get a free $50 credit for apps with either version (128GB or 256).

If you’re looking to get into VR, the Quest 2 is a phenomenal VR headset for that.  If you’ve been living under a rock, the Quest 2 is a standalone wireless 6DOF VR headset.  It doesn’t need to be connected to a phone or computer and with 6DOF tracking, you will be able to walk around, jump or crouch in VR.  If that is your first time to try VR, prepare to be blown away.

The icing on the cake is that if you have a VR-ready PC (most gaming PCs these days will qualify), then you can also use the Quest 2 as a wireless VR headset to play desktop VR games, which have much better graphics.  Here is a guide for running wireless PC VR on your Quest.

The downside to Quest 2 is that you need a Facebook account and they’ll sell your data to advertisers.

  1. Quest games and apps.  On sale for Black Friday with discounts up to 50%!  Interestingly enough, there is no Black Friday sale for Oculus desktop VR games.
Black Friday sale on Oculus Quest games and apps
Black Friday sale on Oculus Quest games and apps
  1. SteamVR games.  Discounts of up to 50% or more!  Sale includes smash hits such as Half-Life: Alyx, which is one of the best games in VR.
Steam VR games on sale for Black Friday
Steam VR games on sale for Black Friday
  1. HP Reverb G2 VR headset and VR-ready PCsThe Reverb G2 is on sale for $399 (regularly $599).  HP also has some VR ready laptops and PCs on sale for Black Friday (check if it has a graphics card that is GTX 1650 or better).  Reverb G2 has one of the highest resolutions for VR headsets, edging out the Quest 2.

Drones and FPV Deals

  1. DJI FPV Combo $999 ($300 off).  If you want to get into FPV, the DJI FPV is the easiest and most convenient way to get into this hobby.  The best part of this combo are the goggles, which are the best-in-class goggles for FPV (yes you can use them for other FPV drones that use DJI’s digital FPV system).   Another advantage is that the controller has a panic button that will stabilize the drone in midflight if you go out of control.  I also like the simulator that you can get at no extra cost (iOS only), which you can use with its own controller or the optional motion controller.  The downside is that the controller, battery, and charger don’t work for other FPV drones but you can definitely use the goggles with other drones, even analog ones (just install an analog adapter).  At $999 this is a really good deal, considering that the goggles by themselves are $569.
DJI FPV is the world's first GPS-assisted FPV drone
DJI FPV (note: the motion controllers are optional)
  1. GepRC drones and accessories.  From Nov. 26 to 30, get up to 30% off on select items including the new Cinelog 35 and the Cinelog 30.  Use the code Geprc10I have the Cinelog 25, 30 and 35, and they are all very well tuned, and among the best in their respective classes.

Also, check out the Cinelog 30 HD with Crossfire: $389, with free $150 gift card from Racedayquads.  Note: you can stack this discount with the 10% sitewide discount using the code Blackfriday.  Cinelog 30 is essentially a larger version of the popular and well-regarded GepRC Cinelog 25 cinewhoop.  With larger 3-inch props, it is more stable in the wind, and in my opinion, it flies more smoothly.  It’s larger than the Cinelog 25 but still small enough for indoor flythroughs.  Surprisingly, this deal comes with Crossfire, which is the most trusted long-range receiver protocol.  I bought this exact same quad at full price and I’ve been happy with it.   If you want a smooth-flying cinematic FPV drone, and want to pair it with a DJI Action 2, naked GoPro, Insta360 SMO, Insta360 Go 2, or other lightweight camera, this would be a good quad.  For flying with a full GoPro, I would get the Cinelog 35 instead.

Cinelog 25 (left) and Cinelog 30 (right)
Cinelog 25 (left) and Cinelog 30 (right).  Note: camera mounts might not be included.
  1. BetaFPV drones and accessories.  From Nov. 26 to 30, 15% off anything on the BetaFPV store. Use the code BF2021.
  2. Racedayquads – up to 50% off select drones, plus 10% off almost everything at Racedayquads (use code BLACKFRIDAY), plus up to 50% off clearance items such as Axisflying AirForce Pro.  You’ll need to click on checkout (no need to actually buy it) to see the discount because the price is below the minimum advertised price.

  3. Pyrodrone – up to 40% off select drones, plus 10% off everything except DJI (use code BF21), plus double Pyrodrone points.  Some of the deals include the BetaFPV Pavo30 HD for $229 and the iFlight A85, one of the smallest digital FPV quads, for $209.

  4. DCL the Game67% off for Black Friday!  When learning to fly FPV, you absolutely should practice on a simulator first.  I have flown all of the most well-known simulators and among them, DCL the Game is my favorite simulator for beginners because it has excellent graphics and exciting yet very forgiving tracks.  The beginner tracks are really easy but will make you feel like a hero.  If you aren’t a beginner, Uncrashed has the best graphics and now lets you chase drift cars — it’s also on sale for 15% off.

DCL the Game is my favorite FPV simulator for beginners
DCL the Game is my favorite FPV simulator for beginners


  1. Skydio 2 autonomous drone: $949 ($400 off).  This is a drone that can literally fly itself and follow you while avoiding obstacles.  There used to be a waiting list for this that was several months long, but now you can get it without waiting, at the best price ever.
Skydio 2 Starter Kit - Black Friday sale
Skydio 2 Starter Kit – Black Friday sale


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  • Hi Mick,
    I have checked your link, but for One X2 there is only a sticky lens gift option for creator kit lite and snow kit. For standalone X2 gift is 120cm selfie stick. Is there an option to change sticky lenses for the camera case as mentioned in your article?


  • Just for curiosity I bought a 360Rize Penguin from Amazon.com… hope to don’t have many custom duties and fees…I remember this camera for nice video and picture… if it goes wrong I’ll take it apart to make something with it :))
    Thank you Mic for your suggestion

    • Hi Franco. Congrats! As long as you don’t expect much out of it, it’s ok 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions!

      • Hi Mic, incredible it is just arrived!!! Paid 27 November and arrived into my hand in 03 December!! Wow UPS is the best!! And no fees and taxes for Italy! Oh yes I know, I don’t have many expectation on this camera, just for fun and play with it…Thanks Mic for your discount report!!! Now let’s play a little :))

          • And if you consider that 27 November was saturday…
            The camera is very small and very light, incredible it looks fake, like a keychain …at first shot seem not so bad, but now it is evening and I will have to take some shot and videos during the day…..the lenses appear to be like those of QooCam 4K….

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