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DJI Action 2 launched; 4 things the leaks didn’t show

DJI Action 2 is a compact modular action cam

The DJI Action 2 is here, confirming almost all of the specs that have been leaked over the past several weeks.  However, there were 4 new things we didn’t know about from the leaks.

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Action 2 is the successor to the DJI Osmo Action.  It features a new modular design and magnetic mount, similar to the Insta360 One R and Insta360 Go 2.  Compared to the Hero 10, the Action 2 has lower 4K resolution (instead of the Hero 10’s 5k 60fps) but has a 1/1.7-inch sensor that is about 50% larger than that of the Hero 10.

Over the past couple of weeks there have been many leaks about the Action 2 that proved accurate.  However, there were a few things that were new:

  1. Stabilization performance and image quality.  Although there were many leaks about the Action 2 specs, no one had yet seen the image quality and stabilization performance of the Action 2.  Here are sample videos from the Action 2 (note that they’re interspersed with shots from other cameras).  The samples appear to show stabilization and image quality that is comparable to that of the Hero 10, but it’s hard to tell without a side-by-side comparison.  I’ve ordered the Action 2 and will be comparing it against the Hero 10.

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2. Wireless Microphone

Good audio quality is essential when you’re vlogging.  The Action 2 has a wireless microphone accessory to record clear audio without cables getting in the way.  The kit includes two wireless microphones.  I think it’s a great idea.  The only problem is the cost.  At $329, it is significantly more expensive than the $199 Rode Wireless Go, and slightly more than the $299 Rode Wireless Go II with two microphones.

Action 2 has a wireless microphone accessory
Action 2 has a wireless microphone accessor

3. Waterproof case

Action 2 has an optional waterproof case that lets it go deeper. Without the case, the Action 2 can go up to 10 meters.  The waterproof case is rated up to 60 meters in depth.  The waterproof case can also protect the front touchscreen or power module, which are not waterproof.

DJI Action 2 has a waterproof case
DJI Action 2 has a waterproof case

4. Price

There were rumors about the price, but no one knew for sure.  It turns out that there are two price points: $399 for the camera with a power module, and $519 for the camera with the front touchscreen module.  By comparison, the Gopro Hero 10 is $399 with an included 1-year product replacement warranty.  GoPro is also currently running a promo that adds two extra batteries and an external battery charger at no additional cost.

DJI Action 2 discount

The best price for the Action 2 that I’m aware of is through B&H Photo, if you buy it with their Payboo store card.  The Payboo card is similar to a credit card but it only works at B&H Photo.  If you use the Payboo card, you can get the Action 2 (and anything else from B&H Photo) without paying the sales tax, which is immediately refunded to you.

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  • Only 22 GB internal memory without a possibility to extend via SD card (only with extension module), overheating problem, not cheaper as the GoPro 10… not a real competitor at this status imho.
    The magnetic gimmicks are nice – but not enough for the “I need that” feeling.

    • Thanks Thias. I agree except for FPV. For FPV, the Action 2’s light weight and very good image quality and stabilization make it a strong alternative to a GoPro.

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