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Caddx Peanut is a modified Insta360 Go 2 for FPV at a lower price

Caddx Peanut is a modified Insta360 Go 2 for FPV
Caddx Peanut is a modified Insta360 Go 2 for FPV

Caddx Peanut is a modified version of the Insta360 Go 2, designed specifically for FPV quads, and is now available at $239, which is less than the $299 price of Go 2.   Here’s how Caddx Peanut differs from the Insta360 Go 2.

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Insta360 Go 2 is a thumb-sized action cam and is one of the smallest and lightest stabilized high definition action cams.  It has been embraced by the FPV community as a compact and lightweight alternative to a full-sized GoPro for recording stabilized HD videos.  The small size and low weight enables you to mount it on a smaller quad, which lets you fly very tight gaps that would be impossible for a 3-inch cinewhoop or larger quad. See this sample.

Now, Caddx, which has made other products such as FPV cameras and the Caddx Vista replacement for the DJI Air Unit has partnered with Insta360 to create a modified version of the Insta360 Go 2 that is designed specifically for FPV.  It’s called Caddx Peanut.  Here are its advantages and disadvantages against Insta360 Go 2.

Instead of a charge case, the Peanut uses a magnetic cable that is wired to your flight controller
Instead of a charge case, the Peanut uses a magnetic cable that is wired to your flight controller

The Peanut looks very similar to the Go 2 except that it has a thicker and tougher shell with a small button rather than having the entire front face act as a button.  The small button helps users avoid accidentally pressing it, which often happens when mounting the Go 2 to a quad.  Although the Peanut is slightly larger than the Go 2, it can fit in most TPU mounts for the Go 2.

The biggest difference between the Peanut and the Go 2 is that the Peanut doesn’t have a charge case.  Instead, it has a magnetic cable that has a plug for a wire that is in turn designed to be soldered to a 5V pad on your flight controller, and optionally, a UART to start and stop the recording remotely.  It is not clear whether Caddx will sell the magnetic cable separately for Go 2 owners who want it.  UPDATE: Go 2 owners now have another option: a USB powered mount.

Caddx Peanut - what's in the box
Caddx Peanut includes ND8 and ND16 filter, mount (it appears to be TPU), magnetic USB Type-C port, magnetic JST GH cable, and several connection cables.

Caddx Peanut advantages:

  • The button won’t get pressed accidentally as you insert the camera in its mount.
  • Tougher shell than the Go 2
  • Can be powered by the quad and record up to 30 minutes instead of around 20 minutes in Pro mode with the Go 2’s internal battery.
  • You can wire the connector to your flight controller and be able to start and stop recording remotely via an auxiliary switch on your radio.
  • Includes ND8 and ND16 filters
  • Costs less ($239 instead of $299)

Insta360 Go 2 advantages:

  • Charge case can charge Go 2 on the go.
  • Charge can can function as a wireless remote control and tripod.
  • 20 minute in Pro mode is long enough for most FPV flights. No need to solder a wire to your flight controller, which saves weight.

Conclusion: the Peanut is an attractive alternative to the Go 2.  However, I think not everyone needs the extra recording capacity of the Peanut.  The 20 minute flight time of the Go 2 in Pro mode (30 minutes in Basic mode) is more than enough for most people.  Even if you do want to record longer than 20 minutes, at most you can only record 30 minutes at a time because that’s the limit of the internal storage of the Peanut / Go 2.  As a practical matter, the deciding factor is more likely to be the $60 price difference.  Do you want to have a charge case that doubles as a remote control, for $60?  If not, get the Peanut.  If you do, then the Go 2 is the better choice.

Here’s a review of the Caddx Peanut by NurkFPV, one of the most well-known and respected professional cinematic FPV pilots and is one of the pioneers of cinewhooping.

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