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This 360 drone created a 3D photogrammetry model of this bridge in 30 minutes ON SITE (watch the demo)

3d photogrammetry with 360 camera drone
3d photogrammetry with 360 camera drone

If you want to create 3D models with photogrammetry quickly, you may be interested in the Adapa360 Hawk21, a 360 camera drone that can now also be used for photogrammetry to create 3D models quickly, on site.

Photogrammetry is the science of creating 3D models by using software to analyze dozens or hundreds of photos of the object shot from different vantage points.  The models are particularly useful for industrial and commercial uses but the process is usually very time consuming and tedious.

One way to reduce the amount of time to capture would be to use videos rather than photos.  That time can be further reduced if you use a 360 camera, which can capture multiple perspectives simultaneously.  The problem is that 360 cameras capture a fully spherical view, which normally means a tripod or drone carrying it will be visible somewhere in the shot.  This is where the Adapa360 Hawk21 comes in.

The Adapa360 Hawk21 is an “invisible” drone for the Qoocam 8K 360 camera. However, like other invisible 360 drones, the Hawk21 is so slim that it is narrower than the space between the two lenses of the 360 camera and is thus invisible to the 360 camera.

Qoocam 8K is an 8k 360 camera
Qoocam 8K is an 8k 360 camera

In this case, the Hawk21 flew around the bridge for 4 minutes while capturing an 8K 360 video.  With Adapa360’s proprietary software, about 77 frames were automatically extracted from the video and converted into a textured 3D model on site.  Here is the demo:

This is one of the most exciting cases for a 360 camera.  The ability to see a 3D model on site is especially valuable because it lets you know immediately if you need to reshoot any areas.   This can save a lot of time for both the photographer and the client.  Moreover, capturing the video in a relatively short time can help make it easier to generate an accurate 3D model because the lighting and shadows will be relatively constant in the shots.

I’ve been invited by Adapa360 to serve on their board of advisors and I hope to test their drone in the future.  Meanwhile, to inquire about the Hawk21, you can contact Adapa360 via their Facebook page.

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  • Let me say…. that video is not well done, it is absolutely not clear what the final result is … I hope they produce something better!

      • We do not really need any video, we all hope to see an actual 3D model.
        Zephyr 3D claims it works with 360 photos and 360 videos but it has never worked for me. It could be just wrong settings though.

  • I’m glad someone did this. I was looking at a 3d photogrammetry algorithm the other day and wondering how it’d work with 360, glad to see it works!

  • Would be nice to see the final 3D model produced, please share with us if it is available. Thanks.
    I guess use of 360 for photogrammetry depends on project. Even that bridge I believe 180 shots could also construct 3D model.
    Anyway, looking forward to your drone photogrammetry tests blog. Have a safe flight – Cheers!

    • Hi Richard. Yes any focal length can work. The benefit of 360 is that it is faster because you are capturing multiple perspectives at the same time.

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