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IT’S HERE! Meta Quest Spatial Video tutorial (with or without iPhone)

How to watch and shoot spatial videos on Meta Quest

Spatial videos have now been fully rolled out on Meta Quest.  Find out how to view and capture spatial videos with or without an iPhone.

What are spatial videos?

Spatial videos are Apple’s name for stereoscopic 3D videos.  (See here: Is there a difference between spatial videos and 3D?).

How to watch spatial videos on Quest

  1. Update your Quest to v62 or above.  In the Settings go to Software Update.  You should see your version number is 62 or higher.
  2. Launch the Files app.
  3. On the left side, click the new Spatial Videos tab.  This will show sample spatial videos uploaded by Meta as well as any spatial videos you’ve uploaded to your gallery (see below).

How to view iPhone spatial videos on Quest

  1. Turn on the spatial video option.  On your iPhone settings, go to the Camera settings and tap Formats.  Look for the option Spatial Video for Apple Vision Pro and toggle it on.
  2. In the camera app, switch to video mode and turn the phone to landscape orientation.  Tap on the icon that looks like Vision Pro goggles.  Start recording.
  3. After recording, go to your Meta Quest app (update to version 254 or later) and upload your spatial video:
    1. Tap on the Menu button on the bottom right.
    2. Tap on Gallery
    3. Tap on the new upload button on the upper right corner.
    4. Choose the videos you want to upload and click upload.
  4. The spatial videos you uploaded should appear in the Files app, in the Spatial Videos tab.

How to shoot spatial videos on Quest 3 without iPhone

  1. Turn on 3D capture mode (see instructions here).
  2. In the Quick Settings menu, turn on passthrough mode and record a video.

How to view side by side Quest 3 spatial videos in 3D

  1. In the Files app (not the Camera app), click on Media on the left side, then choose your side by side video.
  2. On the bottom right corner of the video, click on the “2D” button and change it to “3D side by side”.  Wait at least 5 seconds and it should switch to a 3D view.  Note: the 3D Side by Side option appears only in videos and does not appear for 3D photos.

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