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Apple can fix Vision Pro’s fatal flaw but it probably won’t

Apple Vision Pro has a fatal flaw but Apple can fix it but given its corporate culture, it probably won’t.

Vision Pro is being released to the public this Friday on February 2.  Meanwhile, hands-on impressions are being posted by prominent YouTubers such as Marques Brownlee.  Marques found that Vision Pro’s best use was as a virtual monitor for Macbooks.

Using Apple Vision Pro: What It’s Actually Like!

The problem is that most people who’ve tried Vision Pro say it’s too heavy to wear for over 30 minutes (iJustine said she can wear it for 45 minutes).  It’s actually not the weight per se that’s the problem.  It’s the fact that the Vision Pro is front-heavy, with almost all of its weight concentrated on the visor.

Being front-heavy means that you have to strain your neck muscles to lift your head at least slightly.  For a minute or two, it’s not a problem.  But after a prolonged period, it will become increasingly painful.  I know this because I’ve tried other VR headsets with a similar problem, such as the original Oculus Quest.

If you can’t use it for more than about 30 minutes, then it simply wouldn’t be practical as a virtual monitor.

Fortunately, this problem can be fixed.  The solution is to add a counterweight.  Although the overall weight of the headset will increase, it will be more comfortable.  For example, a full face motorcycle helmet weighs around 1.5 kg or more, substantially more than the 650 gram weight of the Vision Pro.  Yet motorcycle riders can ride for extended periods because a helmet is balanced.  In the Vision Pro’s case, Apple should simply use its external battery pack as a counterweight instead of having the user put it in a pocket.

Although this is the simplest solution to Vision Pro’s fatal flaw, I doubt that Apple will allow this change for one reason: pride.  To make this change would be a tacit admission that its design was significantly flawed.  But Apple is too proud and stubborn to do that.  Instead, they would rather pretend that its product is perfect and ‘magical’ exactly as it was designed.

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