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Quest 3 can now play Nintendo 3DS games in mixed reality with Citra

Nintendo 3DS games on Quest 3 with Citra

How would you like to play beloved Nintendo 3DS games in mixed reality?  You can now do that with a 3DS emulator for Quest called Citra — no PC required to run it (although you do need a PC to install it).

There’s a new app for Quest called Citra that enables the Quest to work as an emulator for Nintendo 3DS.  And if you have a Quest 3, you can even run 3DS games in mixed reality mode, floating like a virtual 3D screen in your room.  Here’s a tutorial by Ironbug VR:

Play 3DS Games Native On The Meta Quest 3 - CitraVR Tutorial

Step 1: download and install Sidequest on your PC if you haven’t done so yet.  Sidequest is a very useful Quest utility for installing apps that aren’t on the Quest store yet.  You’ll need to get the Advanced Installer because you need to install an APK.

  • Launch Sidequest and connect your Quest to your PC via USB.
  • In Sidequest, look for CitraVR.
  • Click on “Sideload” to download the APK (the installation file).
  • In the top right corner of Sidequest, look for the icon for installing APKs and install the Citra APK that you just downloaded.

Step 2: copy a decrypted Nintendo 3DS ROM into your Quest.

  • Connect your Quest to your PC via USB.  On your Quest, click on the notification icon and click on the notice for USB detected in order to use your Quest as a USB drive.
  • Copy a decrypted Nintendo 3DS ROM into a directory on your Quest.

Step 3: on your Quest, run Citra.

  • In your Quest’s app library, click on the dropdown box at the top and show Unknown Sources, then choose Citra.
  • In Citra, navigate to the directory to which you copied the ROM.

That’s it!  Below you can see a video by Beardo Benjo showing 3DS games on his Quest with Citra.  BTW, did you know that the Quest can also play hundreds of video games?   Check out the beginners’ guide to UEVR.

NINTENDO Games on QUEST?! VR Emulation is CRAZY! // CitraVR Quest 3 Gameplay

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