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CES2018: Insta360 shows teaser video for big announcement on January 8

Insta360 teaser for CES 2018
Insta360 teaser for CES 2018

Insta360 has begun releasing teasers of a big announcement on January 8, just in time for CES 2018. I can’t tell you what the announcement is, but I can tell you that I’m very excited about it!  Here’s a teaser video from Insta360:

What do you think of the video?  Any guesses about what the announcement is about?  Be sure to come back here on January 8!  Incidentally, I don’t know why there are so many downvotes for the video. From a competitor perhaps? Anyway, thanks to Domonic White for bringing this video to my attention!

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  • I would not down vote it but there is nothing in the video that has me on pins and needles waiting on the big release. The video seems to be dual cameras (one looking forward and one looking backwards on a smartphone. I would have to believe that within the next year we will begin seeing smart phones with 360 ability build right in (front and rear cameras). But the question is whether consumers would live with the bulge for 24/7 360 or just stay with a plug in camera like the Insta360. But I will certainly be looking for the news on Jan 8th!! It is certainly more to the release than what the video above is showing 🙂 Great job Mic on all yo stuff!!

    • If that’s the case, then it’s nothing new because a smartphone with a built-in 360 camera already exists…

  • My guess is improved stabilization for the ONE and obviously their version of FrontBack view, both in response to what Rylo has shown. She didn’t take those 4 running/stumble steps for no reason.

  • Looks like they will add the double view similar to Rylo in their app …
    That’s the beauty of software … once you see it you can mostly replicate it 🙂

  • I’m guessing it’s a video calling function in 360. It’s an obvious step and would be a great addition to 360 video! Can’t wait to see though. Hope I’m right… Or am wrong and its something way better!?!?

    • Hi Bill yes, and in my post I explained why the Nano S is important. In any case, stay tuned for more.
      Best regards,

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