Twist in the Plot: DJI teases new product on May 10

DJI's next drone
DJI’s next drone

DJI posted a teaser for their next product release on May 10, at 9am EDT.  The product will almost certainly be the DJI Mini 3 Pro.

The teaser uses the tagline, “A Twist in the Plot,” which refers to the Mini 3 Pro’s unique capability of shooting vertical photos and videos for social media, thanks to a gimbal that can rotate the camera 90 degrees to portrait orientation.

DJI Mini 3 Pro photo by @DroneDeals
DJI Mini 3 Pro photo by @DroneDeals

Previously, I noted the gap above the camera and wondered if it might be for a camera that can tilt upward at any angle, which would be very useful for 360 photos without a blind spot in the zenith.  However, some retailers accidentally posted product pages for the Mini 3 Pro and there was no mention of such a capability. Instead, the gap appears to be designed to give adequate clearance for the vertical shooting mode.

Nonetheless, it appears that a pilot can use the vertical shooting mode to capture parts of the sky that would otherwise be within the blind spot, which should reduce the blind spot significantly, making it easier to patch.

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  • Yeah, I thought so that it will be the release date. But… indeed sofar it has been mentioned nowhere that the camera can tilt up. That was to me one of the biggest selling points.

    If I’m getting it, it won’t be before end of May, so I’m curious what first reponders will have to say about it. The clearing does indeed suggest the topside won’t be in the way or visible (as it is in the Mini2). If it would mean there is now only a tiny circle uncovered that would be acceptable then. Still if it’s not tilting up it feels like a missed chance. Maybe in future firmware? I asume it would be physically possible for the gimbal itself.

    regards, Frank