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Easily create virtual tours with Ricoh’s new Theta360.biz cloud service!

Ricoh is launching a cloud-based virtual tour authoring platform for the Theta called Theta360.biz.
To create a virtual tour, you don’t need to download software.  You only need a Ricoh Theta (note: Theta360.biz is not compatible with other 360 cameras).  The virtual tour will allow you not only to link photos together, but also show the viewer’s location and orientation on a map:

The virtual tour can then be embedded on your own page, where the tour can be viewed on most browsers, whether on PC or Mac, without having to download a special viewer program.

Although the virtual tour has a sophisticated interface, creating the virtual tour is simple.  There is a tutorial on the Theta360.biz website.

Theta owners can try the Theta360.biz platform for free during the public beta.  The price after the public beta has not yet been determined.  UPDATE:  Theta360.biz is available in Japan and North America only at this time.  Thanks to Jesse Casman for bringing this to my attention!

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