360 Camera Reviews

Eloam Mini 720 is a slim, low-cost fully spherical 360 camera

One of the trends in the 360 camera industry is the increasing number of fully spherical 360 cameras even among low-cost entry-level 360 cameras. One of these is the Eloam Mini 720.

Eloam is an electronics company that makes office equipment that has also started creating 360 cameras.  Last year, it created the SYL668, a hemispherical 360 camera.  Now they have a fully spherical 360 camera called the Eloam Mini 720 (SYL-669H).

Here are the specs:

– two fisheye lenses with 200 degree field of view each

– two OV4689 4-megapixel sensors

– video resolution: 1080p @ 30fps

– uses Micro SD cards up to 64GB

– compatible with iOS and Android

I haven’t seen any sample photos or videos from this camera, and I don’t know the retail price yet.