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GoPro Hero9 Max Lens Mod in stock (as of November 9, 2020)

Gopro Hero 9 Max Lens Mod in stock
Gopro Hero 9 Max Lens Mod in stock

GoPro Hero 9 Max Lens Mod is in stock as of the time of this writing here!  I ordered one and will post a review vs Insta360 One R.

The Max Lens Mod enables the Hero 9 to have 360-degree horizon leveling, although with a decrease in resolution to 2.7K.  It is in very high demand and has been resold on eBay for as much as $250.  I’m sure it will be out of stock again very soon (update: yes it’s out of stock again as of November 10, 2020).

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  • I’ll be very interested in your opinion, Mic. I was lucky enough to get one when they first came out, and I’m glad I have it, but I’m unsure how often I’ll use it. It’s absolutely fantastic for horizon leveling, but the drop to 2.7K only seems worth it in the most extreme of conditions. Otherwise, I’ve found that the included lens handles things well and doesn’t add the extra… well, “fragility” isn’t the right word, but it’s close – that having the Max Lens sticking out on the front does. And when you’re done using the Max, swapping back to the other lens cover isn’t something I’d want to do in many outdoor conditions.
    But yeah… the horizon leveling is incredible. I’m curious just how fast you’d need to spin the camera around the lens axis before it failed to keep up.

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