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Gopro max price increase? Is this a desperate move ?

GoPro recently announced significant price changes to their lineup including GoPro Max in response to missing revenue estimates.
GoPro Hero 11 with Max Lens Mod
GoPro Hero 11 with Max Lens Mod


GoPro products are now available on 3rd party sites such as Amazon for the same price as gopro.com. Previously, GoPro cameras were around $100 less on Gopro.com as long as you agreed to get a 1 yr subscription for free.
The subscription wasn’t available on Amazon and other sites, which made it $100 cheaper to get GoPro cameras from gopro.com. This clever marketing tactic not only increased GoPro’s revenues from subscription but it diverted sales from third parties to Gopro.com, decreasing GoPro’s costs of commissions to third parties.
With the revenue miss, GoPro may be realizing that they need third parties after all to sell their cameras, and so they removed the $100 discount for those who opted for subscriptions, bringing parity to prices on third party sites.  GoPro also adjusted the prices of their cameras.



The Hero 11, which was $499 ($399 after gopro discount) was adjusted to $399. GoPro max, which was also $499 ($399 with GoPro discount) did not receive a similar price adjustment, which effectively increased its price to $499.
This is a surprising move given that it already faced stiff competition from the Insta360 X3, which is a newer camera with more features.
Is GoPro conceding the 360 camera market to Insta360?
Or are they testing the $499 price for their next 360 camera?

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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  • In Russia price for max decrease, from 700 us dollars to 600 and somewhere to 500 us dollars) so we have decreased all products probalms was with sandisk and samsung micro sd, but yesterday I bought samsung for 20 dollars card (128 gig) and take 10 dollars and cash back in M. Video something like wall mart, and also was sold out sandisk card now it can be bought on on-line shops decreasing price so think to get it too)

  • Everything has become desperate in US retail as consumers get hammered with inflation due to corporate greed on all essentials that leave nothing for leisure and impulse spending.

    • Its a very very tight market right now ! GoPro definitely is a luxury expense that most people can’t afford

  • Not surprised i was loyal GoPro customer for years. Within the last few months the site will not allow me to complete a purchase . Called over and over to Fix no one does. Switched to DJI action 3 . Got me 4 of them.. love them so much better than GoPro must tell you. Got me three insta360’s to have a 360 option . By GoPro you dumped me as a loyal customer !

  • I was thinking of buying a GoPro MAX because I didn’t like how the Insta360 requires a phone connection … and I need two 360 cameras going at once. I don’t like the phone dependence of Insta360, but with the $100 price increase (and no upgrades in a long time) I’m no longer sure about going with the MAX.

    • Hi Brian. Don’t worry. X3 is just the same as Max with respect to phone independence. The only time you absolutely need a phone for X3 is to activate it. After activation, you can use the X3 by itself without a phone. The phone app only enables you to edit your footage on the road. But if you prefer to edit at home, you can do so on insta360 studio.
      In fact, X3’s large screen means that you can use almost any mode without using your phone (except for live streaming, understandably so).

      • Mic, thanks very much. I wasn’t expecting you to reply! And your other recent videos have convinced me to just go with the X3 (at least one..), though the one RS 1″ had me pause … think I’ll wait a bit on that. The news that I can just start recording from the phone and then leave it going is – great! Your 360rumors site and your direct, no-nonsense and comprehensive reviews and videos are invaluable for making an informed decision in the fast-changing 360 camera world. I really appreciate all that you do here. Thanks again!

  • I picked up a 2nd max around Christmas when subscribers had 20% additional on everything. More batteries for MAX and my regular GoPros.

    The Max was around US $300. Can’t complain!

  • Boycott go pro 360 camera , ces gens on acheter Kolor pour les faire disparaître, a cause d eux il n y a plus autopano giga…. mort a gopro

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