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GoPro Labs for GoPro Hero 10, now even better for FPV

GoPro Labs now available for GoPro Hero 10
GoPro Labs now available for GoPro Hero 10

GoPro Labs is now available for the recently released GoPro Hero 10, making it an even better option for cinematic FPV.

Hero 10 is an amazing camera for cinematic FPV because it has the highest resolution and framerate for 4:3 aspect ratio videos, which cinewhoopers need for ubiquitous ReelSteady Go stabilization software: 5k 30fps, 4k 60 fps, or 2.7k 120fps.  One of the ways Hero 10 could be even better is to turn it into a naked GoPro.

Naked action cams are action cams stripped down to credit card size cameras
Naked action cams are action cams stripped down to credit card size cameras.  Insta360 SMO and GoPro Hero 6 shown.

Many cinematic FPV pilots use naked cameras — action cams that have been stripped down to their lightest weight possible to be able to put them on smaller quads, which can fly through smaller gaps that would be impossible for conventional cinewhoops.  One issue with naked cameras is that they typically don’t have a touchscreen anymore, making it difficult to adjust their settings. GoPros can be controlled wirelessly but sometimes wireless connectivity is compromised during the process of conversion to a naked camera.  Moreover, GoPros are known to have occasional difficulty connecting to the app, which can be annoying when it happens in the middle of a project.

That’s why one of the most popular and convenient options for changing the settings on naked GoPros is to use QR codes with GoPro Labs.  When a compatible GoPro’s firmware is updated to add GoPro Labs support, you’ll be able to add special functions or instantly change several settings at the same time, simply by using the GoPro Labs website or an app to create QR codes.  When your GoPro sees these QR codes, it will add the special function.  It’s much more reliable and predictable than using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to control your naked GoPro.

Until now, GoPro Labs has been available only for Hero 7, 8 and 9, and GoPro MAX, but not for Hero 10, which was a shame because of how good the Hero 10 is for FPV.  But now, GoPro has released GoPro Labs for Hero 10.  It works smoothly and I didn’t have any problems installing it and using it on my Hero 10.

To install GoPro Labs, download the latest version for Hero 10 here.  Unzip the downloaded file and look for the subdirectory called UPDATE.  Copy the UPDATE folder and paste it in the root directory of your Hero 10 and restart it (make sure your Hero 10 has enough battery).  It should take just a couple of minutes to install.  You can then create QR codes here to add special functions or instantly adjust settings.

With the addition of GoPro Labs, Hero 10 is close to being the ideal consumer camera for cinematic FPV.  Its only weakness is that you would have to convert the Hero 10 into a naked GoPro yourself.  That obstacle creates an opportunity for DJI to offer an alternative with its upcoming Action 2 camera.

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