Hubblo Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is NOW LIVE

Hubblo VR’s PX6, a 3D 360 camera with 4k resolution, realtime stitching and live streaming is NOW LIVE on Indiegogo!

Hubblo is a 3D 360 camera that is designed for ease of shooting.  Instead of spending hours stitching 360 videos, Hubblo stitches 3D 360 videos in-camera.

Here again are the key specifications:

3D 360° video: 4K, 30fps
2D 360° video: 2K, 30fps
30 Mbps (bitrate) MP4
Live-streaming video output
Optimum bandwidth 3D 360° live stream: 3840*2160 (16:9)
Low bandwidth 3D 360° live stream: 2160*2160 (1:1 ratio)
2D 360° live stream: 2160*1080 (2:1)
H.264 codec, RTSP/RTMP (protocol), 15Mbps (optimum bandwidth)
Share: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat

3D 360° photo: 3840*2160 (16:9), 2160*2160 (1:1)
2D 360° photo: 2160*1080 (2:1)

Lenses: 6 x 200° fish-eye, F2.6 Aperture
Sensors: 6 x 3.15MP
Connectivity: WiFi 802.11n/ac, Bluetooth, MicroUSB
Storage: 32Gb internal, 128Gb MicroSD, Smartphone (64Gb = 4.5hr, 4K, 30fps)
Audio: Built-in stereo microphone, Wireless Bluetooth microphone
Power: 12V DC adapter, 4000mAH removable battery (up to 1-hour standard use)
Dimensions: 103mm x 103mm x 124mm
Weight: >800g
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Apps: Hubblo VR Player, Hubblo VR Camera Control, Hubblo VR Live (iOS & Android)

I saw Hubblo at CES and saw the live streaming and it worked — the 3D 360 video was being livestreamed to a headset in 3D.  It was incredible to see, considering that until now, 3D 360 required a lot of time for stitching.

Here are sample 3D 360 videos from Hubblo:

To see the video in 3D, you’ll need to use a Cardboard viewer.  If you’re on iOS, you also need to watch the video on the YouTube app for iOS.

Hubblo is available on Indiegogo for $999 (25% off its $1299 MSRP) for delivery scheduled in July 2017.  I backed the project and will be reviewing the PX6 if and when I receive it.    (BTW I’m not affiliated with Hubblo, have not received any compensation, and I ordered it on the same terms as everyone else.)  Please note crowdfunding is not the same as preordering and there can be delays.

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