Watch 360 photos and videos together without a VR headset with the MK-Player360 Projector

MK-Player360 is a projector that enables you to watch 360 photos and videos without a VR headset.  Among other things, this makes it possible to enjoy 360 photos and videos together with your family and friends.
Viewing 360 photos and videos with a VR headset is a uniquely immersive experience.  However, as pointed out by Tim Cook, it can also be isolating.

Now Broomx VR has created a new type of projector for 360 photos and videos called the MK-Player360.  The MK-Player360 can project 360 photos and videos on the walls of your room, surrounding you with a 360 photo or video, which allows you and your family or friends to watch 360 photos or videos together.

Here is a video of the concept

360 vlogger Kevin Kunze was able to try it out in person.  Here’s his 360 video:

The MK-Player360 can also be modified to add a second projector for conventional videos:

MK-Player360 with immersive projector on top and a conventional projector below it

I don’t know the pricing and availability yet but if you’re interested, you can sign up to be notified on the Broomx website.

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