NEW! iFlight Protek25 Pusher 2.5-inch cinewhoop FPV and two GoCam naked GoPro alternatives (with sample videos)

NEW iFlight Protek25 Pusher cinewhoop and GoCam naked GoPro
NEW iFlight Protek25 Pusher cinewhoop and GoCam G3 naked GoPro alternative

iFlight has released a new cinewhoop in their Protek line called the Protek25 Pusher, and two new GoPro alternatives called GoCam PM GR and G3.

Protek25 Pusher

The Protek25 is one of the more popular 2.5-inch cinewhoops, which are FPV drones with propeller guards or ducts designed for close proximity cinematic videos.  I have one and I’ve been impressed by its power and stability.  However, one issue with the Protek25 is the weight.  It is substantially heavier than other 2.5-inch quads such as the Beta95X V3.  While the Beta95X is around 130 grams (HD, DJI Receiver), the GepRC Cinelog 25 weighs 148 grams (HD, Crossfire), and the Pavo30 weighs around 183 grams (HD, Crossfire), the Protek25 weighs about 202 grams (HD, DJI receiver).   Besides weight, another issue with the Protek25 is that it is very loud.  It is probably the loudest among the quads that I have.

Clockwise from top: GepRC Cinelog25, BetaFPV Pavo30, BetaFPV Beta95X v3, iFlight Protek25
Clockwise from top: GepRC Cinelog25, BetaFPV Pavo30, BetaFPV Beta95X v3, iFlight Protek25

The Protek25 Pusher is designed to address both weight and noise. It uses the same Xing 1404 5500kv motor and Nazgul 2525 props as the original Protek25 but uses a pusher design, like the Beta95X and Cinelog25.  iFlight claims that it weighs just under 250 grams, including its GoCam naked camera (see below) and a 650mah 4S battery, although it is not certain if that sub-250 weight is only for the analog version or also the HD version.

As for noise, iFlight technician Pat Byars said that the original Protek25’s propeller guards acted like horns and amplified the sound.  With the new prop guards, the Pusher 25 has less noise.

Other features include a frame design that is much more convenient for maintenance, with only 8 screws to remove the prop guards and get access to the stack.  It also features easy access to the receiver bind button, a dedicated covered compartment for the receiver, and a TPU battery strap.

Unlike the Beta95X and Cinelog25, however, the Protek25 Pusher does not seem to include a built-in cable for a naked GoPro or Insta360 SMO.  It also does not have vibration-isolating dampeners for its naked GoPro mount.

Here’s a sample video shot on the Protek25 Pusher with a naked Hero8:

YouTube video player

Here’s a hands-on review by Albert Kim:

YouTube video player

iFlight GoCam PM GR and GoCam G3

Protek25 Pusher with GoCam PM GR
Protek25 Pusher with GoCam PM GR

In addition to the Protek25 Pusher, iFlight is also producing not just one but apparently two of its own naked GoPro alternatives called the GoCam PM GR and G3.  Albert’s video includes sample footage from the GoCam PM GR.  Here are the known specifications for the GoCam PM GR.

  • Resolution and frame rate: 4k 30fps.  This is a competitor to GoPro, not Insta360 Go 2.
  • Can be used with or without a battery.  It seems to have a GH 1.25 plug for power.
  • Weight: Albert said it was around 52 grams, although it’s not clear if that was with or without battery.  The weight with the Protek25 Pusher + the 850mah 4S battery was 297 grams.  The 850mah battery he uses seems to be 105 grams, which suggests that the GoCam might be 40 grams without battery, and 52 grams could be the weight with battery.
  • Seems to have an ND filter, presumably removable.
  • Covered Micro SD compartment

The GoCam PM G3 is a slimmer camera that is more similar to a naked GoPro or Insta360 SMO.  It is not clear whether it uses the same sensor as the PM GR, although Banggood has a substantial price difference between the two cameras, which might mean they do use different sensors.

Protek25 Pusher with GoCam PM G3
Protek25 Pusher with GoCam PM G3

Price and availability

Protek25 Pusher is now available directly from iFlight or from Banggood, and is also expected to be available in US retailers mid-July..  The analog Protek25 Pusher starts at $209, while the digital version starts at $329, compared to $209 (analog) and $319 (digital) for the current Protek25.  Banggood also sells the HD Pusher with the Gocam G3 for $598 (i.e., around $269 for the G3) or with the GoCam PM GR for $521 (around $192 for the PM GR).

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