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4th of July sale on Invisi360 invisible drone for Insta360 One R! Should you buy it?

Invisi360 4th of July sale. Photo Credits: flag photo by Jnn13
Invisi360 4th of July sale. Photo Credits: flag photo by Jnn13

Newbeedrone is having an Independence Day sale on Invis360, an invisible 360 camera drone that uses the Insta360 One R.  I already have three invisible 360 camera drones (four if you count the fact that I have two X-Knight 360 quads), but I ordered one because it offers something that my other invisible drones don’t.  UPDATE: sample video here.

Invisi360 is one of the newest invisible 360 camera drones – FPV drones that are designed to capture 360 videos without the drone visible in the shot.   I already have three such drones – the Mavic Pro with the Aerial Edition, the StanFPV Cinebird (analog reviewed here; digital reviewed here) , and the BetaFPV X-Knight 360 but I decided to get the Invisi360 as well because it offers something unique.

The Mavic Pro with Aerial Edition is the only invisible 360 camera drone with GPS stabilization but it suffers from jello.  The StanFPV Cinebird analog version flies very well but its video signal is marginal and I’m afraid of losing the video signal when flying indoors for real estate.  The Cinebird digital version has excellent video but poor handling.  The X-Knight 360 flies amazingly well (review forthcoming) but is too large to fly indoors in a residential space.

Here’s where the Invisi360 comes in.  It is a digital quad (it uses a Caddx Vista), so you’ll have excellent video even through several walls.  The samples I’ve seen show no jello unlike the Mavic Pro.  And it is more compact than the X-Knight 360, and has invisible prop guards so it seems like I will be able to fly it indoors.

User reviews say that the Invisi360 is slow and underpowered, but I think that won’t be an issue if I’m going to fly it mostly indoors.

Invisi360 is on sale at Newbeedrone for 10% off this Independence Day weekend.  I look forward to testing the Invisi360 and will post a review.  Meanwhile, if you want to find out more about the Invisi360, see my preview here.

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