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You can now add hotspots to a 360 VIDEO virtual tour with Cloudpano

How to add hotspots to 360 videos for virtual tours
How to add hotspots to 360 videos for virtual tours

How would you like to create a virtual tour with 360 videos – complete with hotspots?  You can now do that with Cloudpano, with no need to host the videos on your own server.

There are literally dozens virtual tour websites that enable you to create virtual tours with 360 photos.  Cloudpano has become the first virtual tour website to let you add 360 videos to your virtual tours, complete with hotspots and audio.

Adding hotspots to 360 videos lets you integrate them for virtual tours, or lets you create interactive 360 videos for training or choose-your-own adventure type storytelling.  It has been possible to create 360 videos with hotspots using software such as Pano2VR and 3DVista.  However, you would have to host the videos on your own server, which could be expensive and complicated.  Now you can create your own 360 video virtual tour with point-and-click ease with Cloudpano.

Here’s a demo of Cloudpano’s video feature, and other new features:

YouTube video player


The 360 video feature is part of Cloudpano’s Pro Plus plan which is $33 per month.  However, you can get unlimited Lifetime access for a one-time fee, which also gives you unlimited access to other features such as adding a live guided video tour for your clients.  To get Cloudpano Lifetime Access at a discount, see here.

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