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Virtual Walkthroughs: How to have a SHARED virtual tour with your client on Cloudpano Live (Discount Code)

How to do a virtual walkthrough with your client
How to do a virtual walkthrough with your client

If you’d like to take your client on a walkthrough from anywhere, even when you can’t meet with them in person, here’s how with Cloudpano Live.

With conventional virtual tours, the client is left on their own to navigate through the property, and they could easily miss the best aspects of the property.  It’s true that an agent can do a walkthrough with the client on a virtual tour while sharing his screen using Zoom or Google Meet or other video conferencing software.  The issue is that the client won’t be able to interact with the shared screen.  This can lead to confusion for the agent and frustration for the client.

Cloudpano Live is a new solution for taking clients on a virtual walkthrough.  Both the agent and client can go through the virtual tour on a shared screen, taking turns on controlling the virtual tour.  At the same time, they can talk to each other as they go through the virtual tour.  Unlike a live stream, there is almost no latency and it is easy to have a conversation.  The agent can point out areas of interest in realtime, but the client can also rotate the virtual tour and point out anything they want to ask questions about.

Here’s a video that shows what Cloudpano Live is like:

The client doesn’t have to install any apps.  The agent can just send the link to them which the client can paste on their browser, either on the phone or desktop.  Here’s a table that shows its compatibility across devices and browsers.

Cloudpano Live compatibility
Cloudpano Live compatibility

Cloudpano Live is included for free for subscribers to Cloudpano Pro Plus.  For other users, Cloudpano Live will be available at an additional cost.  If you’d like to subscribe to CloudPano you can sign up for a monthly plan ($49/mo), annual plan ($396 per year), or lifetime plan (get a $100 discount on the lifetime plan here).  Thank you for using these affiliate links at no additional cost to you so I can do more tests and reviews.

If you prefer to have a 360 video conference where the agent will be walking through the property with the camera, check out Avatour ($500 to $600 per month).

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