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Enhance Real Estate Virtual Tours with Virtual Host: Simple Guide & Sample

How to add video to virtual tours
How to add virtual host to virtual tours

How would you like to liven up your virtual tours with a talking Virtual host ? Normally, adding video elements to your virtual tour can be somewhat time consuming. But now you can do it easily with

One way to make your virtual tour stand out is by adding animated video elements to it.  Adding a rectangular video to your virtual tour, such as for a TV monitor in your virtual tour, is relatively easy for virtual tour software that support it.  But adding animation or a talking host is usually more complicated and you usually have to edit the video carefully so that the video element can appear seamless in the virtual tour.

Now, Teliportme is creating an easy alternative to add animated elements by using chromakey or a green screen.  Here is a demo:

With Teliportme’s approach, there is no need to warp your video and adjust its colors to match the virtual tour.  Instead, just record your animated element with a green screen.  Note: if you want a full body video, including feet, then you should get a green screen that also covers the floor, such as this X-Drop Sweep.

Once you’ve shot the green screen video, it’s easy to add it to your virtual tour on Teliportme.

Here is the tutorial for how to get it done.


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