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How to create a Realtor.com virtual tour (3D tour) with Cloudpano

How to add a virtual tour to realtor.com listing with Cloudpano
How to add a virtual tour to realtor.com listing with Cloudpano

How do you add a Realtor.com virtual tour (3d tour) to a real estate listing?  With Cloudpano, you can now add your virtual tour to a Realtor.com listing automatically.

Realtor.com is the official home search site for the National Association of Realtors, the largest association of real estate agents, and also the largest trade association in America.  Realtor.com does support 360 photo virtual tours, which are called “3d tours,” while video walkthroughs are called “virtual tours.”

To post a 3d tour on realtor.com usually requires a photographer to be approved by realtor.com.  However, with Cloudpano, you can now add a virtual tour automatically without going through the approval process.

Cloudpano is a web-based virtual tour software where you can upload your 360 photos and link them to create a virtual tour.  Cloudpano also has other features that are useful for real estate agents such as Cloudpano Live, which lets an agent and her clients do a virtual walkthrough of the property together, talking to each other and taking turns controlling the tour.


Adding a virtual tour to your realtor.com listing is easy with Cloudpano.  First, create an account on Cloudpano and upload your 360 photos there, then add hotspots as necessary.  Once you’ve created your virtual tour, add the property address to your Cloudpano tour.  You need to make sure that it is the same address used in the realtor.com listing.  Within 24 hours, your Cloudpano virtual tour will automatically be linked to your Realtor.com listing as a 3D tour.  It is so simple that even a real estate agent can create a virtual tour herself with a 360 camera.


You can create tours on Cloudpano by paying a $10 fee for a basic virtual tour that never expires.  To unlock features such as Cloudpano Live, you’ll need a Cloudpano Pro subscription, which is $33 per month.  Alternatively, you can get Cloudpano Lifetime Access at an exclusive discount here.

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