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I own dozens of tripods — here’s the best tripod for 360 cameras

Best tripod legs for 360 cameras in 2023

I have dozens of selfie sticks, tripods and monopods for my 360 cameras.  If your selfie stick does not have legs, the best tripod legs I’ve found as of 2023 are the Koolehaoda MT-03 legs (check price here).

Tripods make selfie sticks even more useful


Most selfie sticks don’t have legs of their own and are not self-standing.  Adding tripod legs to your selfie stick lets you take shots without having to hold the selfie stick.  This enables you to take shots without yourself in the shot, and gives you more flexibility for composition.

There are many tripod legs for selfie sticks but most of the ones I’ve seen prioritize portability and have a very small radius, which makes your selfie stick unstable, with a high risk of falling and damaging your camera.


The MT-03 is a new version of the MT-02 tripod legs, which had been my favorite tripod legs.  The MT-03 improves upon its predecessor by adding another extendable segment while keeping the folded length almost the same.  When completely folded, the legs are about 9 inches (total length 10.2 inches), and when fully extended, the legs are about 18.5 inches (total length 19.3 inches).

The legs are independently adjustable, from 9 inches to 18.5 inches
The legs are independently adjustable, from 9 inches to 18.5 inches

When the legs are completely folded, then they stay out of the way or can act as 10-inch extension to your selfie stick.

As before, the legs are individually adjustable which, among other things, lets you use it on uneven surfaces while keeping the selfie stick vertical.  This capability is invaluable.  Sometimes, the best spot to shoot from happens to have an incline.  If your monopod can’t stand vertically then you might not be able to take a shot, or at the very least, it might be unstable.

I can put the tripod upright in an incline
I can put the tripod upright in an incline

One of my other favorite features of the MT-03 is the spring-loaded connector that works with either a 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 hole.  This lets me use almost any monopod or selfie stick without having to use an adapter.

The MT-03 has a collar that lets you choose the angle of the legs — either flat or about 30 degrees from vertical.  I would have liked to have another option for 60 degrees from the vertical.


The MT-03 is the most useful tripod for selfie sticks and monopods.  Not only is it versatile but it is also compact, which is why I always have it in my camera bag.  MT-03 is available on Amazon (check price here).  Thanks for using my affiliate links at no extra cost to you so I can do more tests and reviews.

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  • I remember the best test of tri pods with monopod) there was so many things that I had to re watch some moments) I think best video so tri legs is interesting and I was looking forward to find one so thanks that not forget show new interesting things

  • Great tip Michael, I’m ordering one now. I subsituted ‘.com’ by ‘.nl’ in the Amazon link and found it on the Dutch Amazon as well.

    Looks great for my 360-only bag. I was looking for feet to the selfistick that are wider so more stable. Being able to tackle uneven terrain is a big plus too.

    I also recently got me the iFootage C180F-P monopod, that has a sturdy base, 180m heigth and a click-switchable head so I can easily swith a videohead with a small disk-only head to mount a 360 camera on. When I go hybrid on walks, I bring that one.

    cheers, Frank

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