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Insta360 creates new compact 3m selfie stick (collapses to one foot)

New compact extended selfie stick from Insta360

Insta360 created a new version of the extended selfie stick that collapses to a little over 1 foot long (36cm).

Here’s the hands-on video by Yuqing Guo.

Insta360 sent the wrong version to me by mistake.  But when I receive it, I’ll test it as well.

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  • It does appear to be very similar to the Telesin, so I have gone el cheapo and bought myself the Telesin instead. The cost savings outweigh the advantages. For stability, I am going to try using a long tent peg with 1/4 inch screw poking out. For my shots at rallies, the ground is fairly soft, so getting the spike 1 foot in to the ground will be easy. Maybe a metal or plastic plate that threads on to the 1/4 inch thread, so holes could be all over the place for as many stabilizing pegs as I want. A myriad of possible solutions to increase stability on the cheap. Some experimenting will be required with a Theta analogue to see just how stable the rig is.
    You can guarantee that the solution will be simple and cost almost nothing. It will use scrap materials scrounged, so will be environmentally friendly as well.
    As for the plastic tent peg with 1/4 inch thread, it makes for a simple and dirt cheap worms eye view rig for my Theta.

    • This one more compact when collapsed and it can used at any length, not just the limited number of lengths usable with the Telesin.