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Insta360 Air update adds perfect stitching with optical flow

Insta360 Air update adds perfect stitching
Insta360 Air update adds perfect stitching

Look at the photo above. Somewhere on the right side of the photo is the stitch line. Good luck finding it.

Insta360 just updated the software for Insta360 Air to version 1.8.  Among other things version 1.8 adds optical flow stitching, which is something they announced a few months ago.  Until now, the Air had been using template-based stitching which means that it is designed to stitch at a specific distance.  Anything farther or closer than that stitching distance will have a little bit of a parallax stitching error, such as doubling or being split.

With optical flow stitching, the software can adjust the image at the pixel level (like Photoshop) to stitch objects to maintain their visual integrity.  Therefore it is able to stitch both near and far objects at the same time.

In case you’re wondering where is the stitch line in the photo above, you can see the answer below (by looking at how I’m holding the camera).

As you can see, it is totally seamless!  The Insta360 Air was already a great 360 camera for personal use (see my review here), and now it is even better!

The update also adds other features such as stickers that you can place anywhere on a 360 photo or video and “Freecast,” which lets you stream in little planet mode, with freedom to adjust the view in realtime.

The Insta360 Air is available for Android for only $129, with either Micro USB or with USB Type C connectors.

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    I see your blog guide that nice. Can I have questions?

    – How about Insta360 Nano allowed the powerbank support because of the timelapse night that not enough small battery? If it with USB powerbank working or risk?

    – How about Insta360 Air support app timelapse, animation, and other features?

    Thank you for informing me today! Please!