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Insta360 app update: the 5 best new features

Insta360 app has new interface
Insta360 app has a brand new interface

Insta360 has updated their app with a new interface and some new features.  Here are the details.

The Insta360 app is a single app that can control most consumer Insta360 cameras, including Insta360 One X2, Insta360 One R, Insta360 One X, and Insta360 Go 2.  Because these different cameras are controlled by the same app, they have a consistent interface and more importantly, you can review and even combine photos and videos from these cameras.  Insta360 has updated its app regularly, but today’s update is more than a minor bug fix.

Insta360 App New Features

1. Faster loading of videos

The most useful new feature in my opinion is one that many users might not notice — viewing videos from the album is now 3X to 5X faster, thanks to better optimization.  Although many users won’t notice it, it’s something everyone will benefit from.

2. Faster exporting of videos

Another new feature is that videos can now be exported up to twice as fast as before, taking half as much time as the previous version.

3. New camera controls

The camera control has been redesigned to make it sleeker and more intuitive.  But don’t worry – you won’t have to relearn anything.  They just grouped similar features together for less clutter.  In the screenshot below, you can use the bottom menu to select video mode, and press the up arrow to reveal sub-modes.

The Insta360 app's camera controls have been redesigned
The Insta360 app’s camera controls have been redesigned

4. 7 new Flashcut templates

Insta360 has added 7 new Flashcut templates, which are video templates synchronized with music.  Just select the videos that you want to be included, and Insta360 will arrange them into a music video with new animated text and graphics, with your choice of theme such as sports, travel, or food.

5. Multiple music clips in Story editing mode

You can now use more than one music clip for Story editing, the mode that lets you combine photo and video clips (even from non-Insta360 cameras) into a single video.   However, there is still only one audio track.

6. BONUS! Aquavision for Insta360 One X

Insta360 One X now also gets Aquavision, which is feature for getting more natural looking colors when shooting underwater, without needing a red filter.  Aquavision was previously available for One R and One X2, but is now also available for One X.

Insta360 App Tutorial

If you want to learn the Insta360 app, check out this tutorial which covers not just the mechanics of using the app but also shows video editing principles and how they’re used in the app.  Although it uses the previous version of the app, the fundamental principles have not changed.

YouTube video player

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  • It looks more quick to control, but before it was like old school looking, so this day era desighn changed.
    May be sad but it look like your mobile phone view))

      • Hi Mic, the MacBook Pro has an M1 (ARM) processor. With Big Sur it is possible, if the developer allows it, to run an app created for iPhone/iPad also on a M1 processor. The M1 chip is also built into the new iPAD and has the advantage that it is much faster than an Intel processor or a smartphone. So why not use the same app on all Apple computers / iPads?

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